What a Time to be Alone eBook ð What a MOBI :Á

What a Time to be Alone eBook ð What a  MOBI :Á
  • Relié
  • 192 pages
  • What a Time to be Alone (English Edition)
  • Chidera Eggerue
  • Anglais
  • 22 October 2017

What a Time to be Alone (English Edition)➮ [Lire] ➪ What a Time to be Alone (English Edition) Par Chidera Eggerue ➺ – Essayreview.co.uk In What A Time To Be Alone, The Slumflower will be your life guru, confidante and best friend Shell show you that being alone is not just okay: its just about the best freaking thing thats ever happen In What A Time To Be Alone, Time to PDF/EPUB é The Slumflower will be your life guru, confidante and best friend Shell show you that being alone is not just okay: its just about the best freaking thing thats ever happened to you As she says, Youre bad as hell and you were made with intention Its about time you realised Peppered with What a MOBI :Á insightful Igbo proverbs from Chideras Nigerian mother and full of her own original artwork, What A Time To Be Alone will help you navigate the modern world We can all decide our own fates and Chidera shows us how, using a three part approach filled with sass, wisdom and charm Learn how to celebrate YOU decide your self worth, take time a Time to eBook ☆ to heal and empower yourself in this messy world Dont worry about THEM avoid other peoples demons and realize that everyone is protecting themselves from something no matter how aggressive their method Feel the togetherness in US sustain and grow healthy relationships and avoid toxicity in your friendships Own your story Create your own narrative read this book WATTBA.

About the Author: Chidera Eggerue

En tant qu’auteur connu, certains de ses Time to PDF/EPUB é livres fascinent les lecteurs, comme dans le livre What a Time to be Alone English Edition , qui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés Chidera Eggerue auteurs dans le monde.

11 thoughts on “What a Time to be Alone (English Edition)

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    I began to read this book when I was still hesitant about leaving my boyfriend or not But this book, helped me to take a good decision for me Maybe it sounds cheesy but reading a good book about why being alone (without terrible friends, family or boyfriend/girlfriend) is actually great and not an apocalyptic moment of your life,and this is SO damn refreshing to read And also there are many Igbo proverbs in this book, and as the little french that I am, it was really interesting to have a little insight of nigerian's cultural aspects So, this book is not filled up with revolutionary remarks But it is made of revolutionary advices And sometimes, this what we need Advices And the author is so empathic, you can feel it through her writing I know, she's gonna publish an other book about how to get over a boy, and frankly I am so excited to read this new one.And for my little french fellows on , this book is easy to read for non fluent english spoken people.

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    Very disappointed from this book It contains small texts just a bit bigger than a regular instagram caption There is nothing you can't get from relevant instagram pages, because let's be honest, Chidera Eggerue has taken ideas from other instagrammers without giving credit such as @actualblackmermaid who used to be her dating coach The graphics are beautiful but again, this is a book for an adult audience who would like to read about a different perspective and find potential solutions Does the writer realize that adult women in this day and age have an education and demanding jobs? If yes and this is the book she came up with, shame The promotion on social media made the book look as something special (the pics on IG stories, the whole suggestion of revealing stuff from the slumflower) but please, save your money At the end of the day you can always copy your favorite IG captions in a notebook and add some stickers if you really want it in a book form.

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    Il ne faut pas parler nigérian pour lire ce livre (même si c'est un plus) mais il faut parler un bon niveau d'anglais.En soit le livre vaut la peine d'être acheté en format papier, car la police est petite et les œuvres artistiques de Eggerue en seront valorisées.Sur le contenu, c'est un livre où chaque mot a un impact très fort et qui peut vous changer profondément C'est un des livres de self improvement le plus efficace qu'il m'ait été donné de lire Et en attendant que son prochain livre, How To Get Over A Boy, ne me soit livré, je vais relire celui ci car je sais que j'en tirerai toujours quelque chose de nouveau !

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    Contenu du livre super top! Je recommande absolu pour le developpement personnel, lamour de soi et l’epanouissement total.Format kindle non recommande, qualite mediocre (difficile a lire a cause de certaines pages normalement en couleur, zoom pixelise, etc) Mieux vaut investir dans le format papier

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    I really enjoyed this book I finished it in one night because I couldn't put it down It's extremely insightful and leaves you with plenty of pearls of wisdom to think about and plenty of advice to implement in your life Highly recommend!

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    une pur plaisir de lecture! educatif mais comme si une grande sœur vous parle.magnifique

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    Livre chouette et niveau accessible de l’anglais :)

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    I love the book, I love her words and wisdom It wasn’t anything you’ve never read before but she has a way of stating things that bring them to you deeper Worth every pennies !

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    I bought this book after listening to an interview were the author read a quote from her book that read ‘he who is asking for the same haircut as john: does he have the same shaped head as john’ This quote really stuck in my head Its hard to unlearn a lot of tbe stuff we are taught but when reading this book i found that the author says things in a way that you cant forget A lot of advice we are given these days seems to go in one ear and out the other The reason this book is so great is because it really does make you sit back and really see things in a new way I also think its worth mentioning that i read this being a 17 year old girl and i think it would be extremely useful not just for teens and young adults but actually people of all ages.

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    I was pretty disappointed when reading this book the majority of its content is random quotes and doodles The author goes off on a lot of tangents and repeats herself at one point she talks about how priveledged white girls are, which I guess is true, but that's not what I bought this book to read about? What does that have to do with finding yourself and being comfortable enough to enjoy your own company? Wouldn't recommend this book to anyone over 20, there's no real inspiration in it.

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    If I could give this book 0 stars I would I had been following Slumflower for years on various social medias and ordered this as a gift for a friend, I was super excited to have a flick through and read it however everything about this book was just disappointing It did not feel like a proper book as the format was a magazine style and the artistic style of the book just felt tacky The actual content failed to have any effect on me, it felt like reading tweets that had been compiled onto a page.

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