Pandora Hearts 12 eBook ì Pandora Hearts PDF/EPUB ²

Pandora Hearts 12 eBook ì Pandora Hearts  PDF/EPUB ²
  • Paperback
  • 186 pages
  • Pandora Hearts 12
  • Jun Mochizuki
  • Japanese
  • 21 February 2017
  • 9784757529472

Pandora Hearts 12❮PDF / Epub❯ ☄ Pandora Hearts 12 Author Jun Mochizuki – 汚して、堕として、僕だけの玩具にしてやる。
封印の在処を探す日々にオスカーが催したささやかな休息。銀塩に記されし想いは、忘れえぬ安ら 汚して、堕として、僕だけの玩具にしてやる。封印の在処を探す日々にオスカーが催したささやかな休息。銀塩に記されし想いは、忘れえぬ安らぎの記憶。願うことでこの時が、永遠に続けられるかのように…。.

About the Author: Jun Mochizuki

望月淳 Mochizuki Jun is a Japanese comic artist manga ka, best known for the fantasy shounen series Pandora Heartsパンドラハーツ.

10 thoughts on “Pandora Hearts 12

  1. says:

    My heart just cracked.

    I can't lady Before I noticed it...Sharon was right beside me. Before I knew become...such a strong woman-

    To lose your vision, that is my greatest fear. I rely on it so much, and to have it taken from me, I don't know what I would do. Break obviously has come to care for Sharon, so much more than he himself realizes...and he can never look upon her again. And this ballroom scene, it broke my heart. He realizes he needs to tell her, after faking his blindness, and when he does, he fears it will cause her anguish...and yet, it plays out so beautifully.

    Elliot accepts Oz as his friend, and shares a touching moment with Oz, while Leo faces his own monsters in the background.

    And to lighten the mood, Alice and Oz have a moment on the dancefloor.

    Pandora Hearts is going to ruin me should anything more happen to my characters. I proudly admit to crying during Break and Sharon's moment. I was dreading it, knowing it had to happen...and it was so bittersweet.

  2. says:

    Looking at the same thing and then deliberating is not the only way to walk together. Even if you are walking different paths, individuals continue to be linked together. [changed the quote]

    At the moment, I'm giving this four stars, though it should really be more like four and a half. There's so much in this volume to like/love that I feel like I should give it five stars anyway. I can't even describe what about this feels off. I'll see if I can manage it after I do some general rambling first.

    This volume's theme is growing up. Eventually, the innocent children we were give way to creatures who know. What I love about this manga is that Oz isn't the only one going through these transitions.

    We start with Vincent, of all people. Now, here I have to say that I still think he's twisted and evil and miserable and I don't care how awful his life was when he was a kid. Gil went through the same garbage and he still has a good soul in him.

    However, with Mochizuki, you never know. The character you're praising today could be the one who slits another character's throat tomorrow. The innocent child who blushes whenever she gets the attention of a handsome gentleman, could turn out to have a taste for torture and the occult.

    And it seems that vice versa can also be true. Even though I've only softened a little toward Vincent by knowing his past, I can't help but smile at the glimmer of redemption Mochizuki has given him. (view spoiler)[Yes, after this chapter, I can't ship AdaXGil anymore. It just wouldn't be right. I think Ada would scare Gil. O_O Not only that, but Mochizuki has put Ada and Vincent together too often, and with this current twist I wouldn't be surprised at their relationship developing into something that might actually inspire him to change. Once he's gotten over the shock, lol. (hide spoiler)]

  3. says:

    So much good stuff going on in this volume. The first half was a bit annoying because it featured the two characters I really can't stand: Ada and Vincent. But the second half was great. Break finally told Sharon about his eyes, Elliot is warming up, and we're getting closer to finding out who the Headhunter is. I'm satisfied.

  4. says:

    happy unbirthday im straight up crying

  5. says:

    Awh! I just love Xerxes and Sharon!!! They are so sweet! But what does that ending mean??? You can't leave me hanging like that!

  6. says:

    You know, I suddenly like Oz's sister a lot more now...

  7. says:

    Seeing Vincent's shocked face is just a star on its own. This volume was a little more lighthearted, an effective way to relieve a bit of the tension and a deep breath before the events coming up, the Queen of Hearts is here to take our heads.
    Break and Sharon's scene was so beautiful,precious and heartbreaking; Break won't be able to see her face ever again.

  8. says:

    break,,,,,,,,,,,,,,pretty,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,with his hair put back,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  9. says:

    3.5/5 stars

  10. says:

    02 September 2013

    You just know you're in for a devilish good time when Pandora Hearts, Vol. 12 begins with Vincent being a naughty little bastard.

    (view spoiler)[Ah, Vincent, how I love your wicked ways.
    [image error]

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