Paperback é Labyrinth Kindle Á

Paperback  é Labyrinth Kindle Á
  • Paperback
  • 317 pages
  • Labyrinth
  • Alex Archer
  • English
  • 08 March 2019
  • 9780373621545

Labyrinth[Reading] ➭ Labyrinth ➵ Alex Archer – Archaeologist Annja Creed is shocked to find herself abducted by a famous environmental terrorist who is after the Tome of Prossos Annja is the key to retrieving the ancient manuscript, hidden somewhe Archaeologist Annja Creed is shocked to find herself abducted by a famous environmental terrorist who is after the Tome of Prossos Annja is the key to retrieving the ancient manuscript, hidden somewhere deep within the mansion of a book dealer who is being held hostage original.

About the Author: Alex Archer

Mel Odom New writers joining the series starting with book nine include Jon Merz and Joseph Nassise.

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    multi author series this one was written by jon merz and for a change, someone besides just anna lives at the end someone she likes gets to live I always have an open mind, but that doesn t mean I let my brain and common sense fall out it always amazes me how little those who claim to stand for ideals actually think I sometimes think I don t have any friends who would even know what normal is.

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    What the hell Roux

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    Oh my goddess and holy freaking crap.I so did not see that one coming.Oh, , how could you do that

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    3.5 stars.That epilogue conversation between Roux and Garin was the most interesting bit.

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    This is the best book so far in the series Brilliant

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    Genre Adult, Science Fiction Rating 3 3.5 Full Review In the Rogue Angel Series, Annya Creed is a world traveling archaeologist with a penchant for adventure, lost cities and treasures, mysterious codes and puzzles, and shadowy history that has never been recorded Heir to Joan of Arc s magical sword, Annya finds herself drawn into the webs of darkest villainy with lives on the line As a protector of innocents and host of Chasing History s Monsters, Annya is under constant attack by forces that want to remove Joan of Arc s sword from Annya s possession Labyrinth is the Thirty Fourth installment in the Rogue Angel series The series itself is written by various authors using the pen name Alex Archer to hide their involvement Our main heroine, Annya Creed, is kidnapped by an Eco terrorist named Scott Greene who claims that a billionaire named Reginald Fairclough wants to chat with her about a book called The Tome of Prossos which was said to have been recovered from the library at Alexandria, Egypt Annya fails to connect the name Fairclough to anyone who she may have gone up against in a previous installment of this series and believes that he s an innocent that is being blackmailed by Greene and his partner Jonas to give up the book This leads Annya on a Tomb Raider esque adventure to an underground Maze where she is tested to her limits by Fairclouth s ultimate revenge seeking exploits She is forced to work with a man named Kessel who has a few secrets of his own in finding a way out of the Maze, and defeating Fairclouth and Greene Truth be told I have forgotten those who have fallen by the wayside to Annya s blade or her ingenuity in getting out of troubled situations over the course of this series Annya has made than a few enemies that have tried to kill her unsuccessfully now that they know she carries a magical sword with unlimited potential A few of Annya s friends Garin and Roux aren t exactly trustworthy and it seems that they are getting devilishly wicked in their attempts to take the sword away from Annya.What you should know is that this book is pretty much a guns blazing full time adventure that tests Annya to the point where you just know that she s about to give up once and for all As a reader of this series, we somehow forget that this is Science Fiction and therefore we get lulled into believing that Annya is a super human who can be kicked upside her head, stabbed numerous times, and nearly dies a dozen or times Somehow, someway, you just know that she s going to kick the bad guys ass, and walk away into the sunset where we hope she will live happily ever after She may even find romance, which is rare, along the way However, in this book, the ending reached out and smacked me upside my silly head I could not believe who was working with Fairclouth in order to betray Annya This person shall not be named for fear that I will spoil the book for anyone who may want to read it at a later time Only time, and the next book, will answer the questions as to why he would betray Annya on this level.Side note Dear Gold Eagle, if you happen to read this review, please put me on the mail lists I would love to catch up on this series since I am now many books behind all of 2012 I promise I shall read each and every book and post a review in return Thank you Published January 3rd 2012 by Gold Eagle

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    Thirty fourth in the Rogue Angel urban fantasy series revolving around the wielder of Joan of Arc s sword.My TakeOh boy, oh boy, ohbrotherthat ending twistoh, boy.Yeahhhh, I have to agree with Annja, there s something odd about this maze I can t believe Kessel didn t figure out that Greene would have the maze bugged.Cocky, much Oh, please, Archer has Greene expressing remorse Why Seriously Annja really thought she would be forgiven Then hanging around to kiss WTF Hullo, it s Annja s thirty fourth adventure that we ve read about and Kessel is a Navy SEAL and they never learned the cardinal rule about hanging around in the bad guy s space The StoryAnnja s finally got some downtime and this Mike Jackson is sorely impinging on it Fortunately, he doesn t interrupt for long Unfortunately, it s not a positive departure for him It seems that Greene requires a certain book, the Tome of Prossos, that survived the destruction of the Library in Alexandria A book that he believes will force the world back to a cleaner, pristine time.But the dealer who owns the book refuses to give it up and, instead, demands a meeting with Annja Creed Greene doesn t give Annja ANY options to refuse he shows absolutely no reluctance to shoot anyone who may help her, anyone he can destroy and force her to reverse her refusals, and, besides, he won t give Fairclough the antidote to the poison if Annja doesn t agree.The CharactersAnnja Creed is an archeologist and TV show host for Chasing History s Monsters A show to which she attempts to bring some sense of accuracy She s also the holder of Joan of Arc s sword and it requires that she right the wrongs she encounters.Scott Greene is an environmental terrorist on the lunatic fringe Jonas has medical skills, especially with toxins, and a fervent desire to experiment on people NOT to their good health Kessel is his mute associate And undercover with the FBI A former SEAL, he s makes a good partner on this adventure Kozumi is a Japanese ninja hired to harass.Reginald Fairclough is the reluctant client, a seller of old books The Cover and TitleThe cover finds a ripped and torn Annja wielding her sword two handed in her trademark tank top and pants against the background of a labyrinth.The title is accurate as Annja must solve the puzzles that a Labyrinth provides to find the book.

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    I love this series Sure, it is pulp fiction at its worst or best and Alex Archer isn t even a real person it s a pseudonym for any number of authors trying their hand at this series The plot for this instalment and most others is basically a bad James Bond movie with random doses of pseudo science and magic But it s exactly my kind of thing Globe trotting, adventuring archaeologist basically just goes around landing in adventurous situations like the Poirot effect crime keeps finding the master detective, and so adventure keeps finding the master adventurer.But Labyrinth doesn t do any globe trotting, instead opting for a claustrophobic atmosphere Then there are the eco terrorists, something I can never take seriously for some reason Actually there is a lot of silliness here, so if you re not geared up to go along for the ride, you probably won t enjoy it I did though Just turned my brain off and enjoyed reading Annja struggle to survive the increasingly personal challenges.While it s not necessary to read the Rogue Angel books in order, this one does reference past stories namely, Footprints, Warrior Spirit, and Phantom Prospect So I wouldn t recommend starting with this one though it is one of the action packed and brutal survival stories But if you like your women ridiculously strong with a drive for justice behind her, this is the series for you Just be warned, like bad James Bond movies, there are a silly number of dead innocents caught in the crossfire It s only a minor annoyance for me, and one that doesn t detract from the fun tale.All in all, Labyrinth was a great entry to the series, and reminded me just how many books of Annja Creed s I haven t got around to reading yet I should get on that Big thumbs up

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    I ve been reading the Rogue Angel series since the start, so I m predisposed to like them, but needless to say, there are some good ones, some bad ones, and some WTF ones This, sadly, falls into the last category.Annja, who is having a little stay cation, is snatched by eco terrorists They are torturing a rich document expert who has a book they want, but he will only talk to Annja, even though she doesn t have a clue who he is He tells her that the book is at the center of an underground maze he has built on his property.In West Massachussets.This is the WTF element of the story In the US, only a few hours from New York city, this guy has built an underground maze with multiple levels, including a giant pool with pirhannas, and another with a shark Oh, and there are starving wild dogs running around, and ninjas And a sasquatch.OkaySo, Annja has to get through this maze, accompanied by one of the eco terrorists mute after having his tongue supposedly cut out while in the military , who turns out to actually be undercover FBI And of course there is to this that meets the eye.I liked the acknowledgement to previous books in the series the ninja and the sasquatch , but still, how the heck did this maze get built without anyone in homeland security or the like taking an interest It worked in The Princess Bride, but not here I liked Kessel, I even enjoyed the eco terrorists in an are they serious b movie sort of way, but I could not get past the WTF logic problems.Still, a fun read for a weekend with a sinus infection.

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    eh this one needs some explaining ok, i got this at a truck stop when i was looking for some audiobook to keep me awake i was REALLY put off when all the selection the truck stop had was books in a series of 50 now i am very much against jumping into the middle of a series you miss so much, and its disorienting to try and place where its taking place and whats going on and when it comes to a series with 50 books, i have to imagine that not a lot changes from book to book i feel its like the simpsons at the end of every episode, everything has to work itself out like nothing ever happened so, all that said, i grabbed this book cause i wanted a romp through an ancient labyrinth in the or something i was thinking tomb raider it also turns out this was book 34 a feature the box failed to tell me in review the book was surprisingly not bad i was actually surprised it had a love interest it had a labyrinth kinda high tech, and under someones mansion, and not in the like i had hoped but it still worked it had plot twists and surprises too i did not expect to enjoy it it did have some things that did not get explained from previous books like how she has jone of arks sword, and how it can teleport or something but it still became an important part of the story so you ignored it now, it wasnt a huge epic adventure or anything very small scale story but it was not bad not amazing, but not bad it was adequate.

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