The Last Bridge Home eBook ✓ Bridge Home PDF/EPUB

The Last Bridge Home  eBook ✓ Bridge Home  PDF/EPUB
  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • The Last Bridge Home
  • Linda Goodnight
  • English
  • 05 September 2019
  • 9780373816019

The Last Bridge Home ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ The Last Bridge Home By Linda Goodnight ✩ – Doing the right thing always came easily to firefighter Zak Ashford So he can t refuse taking in the dying wife he thought divorced him long ago and watching over her three troubled children The only Doing the right thing always came easily to Bridge Home PDF/EPUB é firefighter Zak Ashford So he can t refuse taking in the dying wife he thought divorced him long ago and watching over her three troubled children The only person Zak can turn to is his cute neighbor, Jilly Fairmont, who helps him and the children through their loss And not just because she secretly cares for Zak Yet it isn t long before The Last eBook ☆ Zak realizes what this honest, compassionate woman means to him, too Can he convince Jilly that his life would be complete if she agreed to share his future.

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    Zak is a fire fighter, a ball player and happy as a bachelor Imagine his surprise when a woman from his past shows up with her three young children Zak had married Chrystal out of pity and young infatuation ten years earlier He thought Chrystal had filed for divorce soon after she took off with a former boyfriend, only to be blindsided with the fact they were still married Chrystal had cancer and wants Zak to consider raising her children upon her death Zak agrees to open his home to Chrystal and her children, but with no guarantee he will agree to raise the children He is helped by his neighbor, Jilly Jilly has been in love with Zak for years and struggles with the fact Zak is still legally married to Chrystal, despite their many years apart She cannot truly give her heart to Zak and remain faithful to God Yet, how can she turn her back on a dying woman and her needy children Helped and aided by the good people of Redemption, can Zak and Jilly do what is right and unselfish.While I enjoyed this final book in the series, it wasn t my favorite I found Jilly s mom and sisters rather judgemental, and Jilly at times seemed a little flighty.The messages in Linda Goodnight s books are always insightful and uplifting.Really 3.5 stars.

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    Leave it to a veteran writer like Linda Goodnight to present her hero and heroine with a very complex, rare in inspirational romance, conundrum Not everyone can pull off a story where a man finds himself still married to a woman he long thought he had divorced and the heroine, his best friend, dealing with her feelings for a married man To add to the mix, the wife is dying of cancer and her children need a new home so readers will be turning the pages to see how it all works out Be assured, it does for the best The Last Bridge Home is a story of chasing dreams and trying to do what is right with the help of individuals and a community A fine stand alone book, the last in the Redemption River series is a moving end to this series on my keeper shelf But, be warned, you will want to go back and read the earlier stories in the series if you haven t already.

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    good christian love story Love compassion and doing the right thing I don t want to give the story away.

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    The Last Bridge Home is a worthwhile read for anyone wanting a feel good story with a happy ending The characters draw you in and their interaction is believable The story line intriguing We get to see the hero grow up from being a self centered Peter Pan to taking on the responsibility of three homeless orphans The heroine becomes much to him than his neighbor and best friend He suddenly sees that she is everything he wants Convincing her that she s than a babysitter takes a lot of effort from him and his three new children A wonderful ending to the Redemption River series I am truely sad that Linda Goodnight has decided to finish here as I have grown to love the town of Redemption and all of its quirky, endearing citizens.

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    A sweet romantic, inspirational story about two main characters that deal with the changes in their lives Zak is a firefighter with a dream to be a famous ball player He seems a bit immature to me, but has to grow up fast when the woman he thought he divorced 10 years ago, shows up at his home with 3 children who are not his She is dying of cancer and wants Zak to take them when she is gone Jilly is the sweet little girl next door who has been in love with Zak since he moved there, but she has never told him They have been best friends It is a heartwarming story how all of these characters evolve with all the circumstances laid infront of them with the help of their faith in God I would recommend this book to everyone.

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    I read this for a book club and it did not work for me I have read a lot of the Love Inspires Harlequins and some of them are quite good so this review doesn t have anything to do with the genre I felt that there was no conflicteven though the plot itself feels like it would be filled with conflict Every time a problem arises the hero heroine would spend a couple of pages internalizing the problem and stressing about it and then the problem would go away It didn t make sense at all Also, no chemistry between the main characters at all I kinda wanted Jilly to find someone else and Zak go on tour with the kids This book wasn t my cup of tea.

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    Better than most A firefighter baseball player that has made mistakes in the past, including marrying a pregnant girl for her protection Fast forward ten years Zak Ashford s dying wife takes him by surprise She never got a divorce Bringing him 3 kids, she doesn t want them raised in foster care Jilly Fairmont has been Zak s best friend and neighbor for about 5 years She is crushed to find out he s married.

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    Love this book The humor and tenderness in this faith story make it special Love that Zak and Jilly, best friends, kind of stumble their way into the relationshipat least Zak does However, the ending disappointed me a little I wanted a have your cake and eat it too ending Didn t get that, but not disappointed enough to downgrade my rating Hard to do that with a Goodnight romance Gotta go back and find the prior unread books in the Redemption River series.

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    Realistic characters deal with a difficult situation in this emotional story Both Zak and Jilly are likable and sympathetic The supporting characters are also well written, although I found myself not really liking Jilly s mother and sisters at some times This is the last book in the Redemption River series I have not read any of the previous four books I didn t feel lost in this story for not having read them, but I would like to read them if I get the chance.

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    Good book Love Redemption, OK and the people in it.

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