• Paperback
  • 236 pages
  • Terry Soileau
  • English
  • 15 September 2018
  • 9781478358053

A DIFFERENCE OF PURPOSE [Ebook] ➯ A DIFFERENCE OF PURPOSE ➮ Terry Soileau – Essayreview.co.uk A DIFFERENCE OF PURPOSE Tells The Story Of Year Old Jonathan Berkeley, A Confederate Drummer Boy Serving With The Famous Orphan Brigade, And His Uncle And Godfather, Alexander Wythe, An Abolitionist A DIFFERENCE OF PURPOSE Tells The Story OfYear OF PURPOSE ePUB ✓ Old Jonathan Berkeley, A Confederate Drummer Boy Serving With The Famous Orphan Brigade, And His Uncle And Godfather, Alexander Wythe, An Abolitionist Lawyer And Captain Serving In The Federal Army They Wrestle With God And Their Own Inner Demons As They Confront Devastating Personal Tragedies And Search Desperately For Faith, Love, And Meaning In A Torn And Tragic World Of Civil War The A DIFFERENCE PDF/EPUB or Story Features The Battle Of Fredericksburg, The Largest Mass Execution In American History At Dakota Sioux Indians At Mankato, Minnesota , And The Battle Of Stones River.

About the Author: Terry Soileau

Is a well known author, some of his OF PURPOSE ePUB ✓ books are a fascination for readers like in the A DIFFERENCE OF PURPOSE book, this is one of the most wanted Terry Soileau author readers around the world.


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    A reasonably well written story concerning the American Civil War It s really from the point of view of a drummer boy and his experiences It is a story of loss as with any war but also deals with love and redemption.Ove...

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    This was a very difficult review to write because this is a 5 star story but only a 2.5 to 3 star presentation and therefore I can only recommend it with certain provisos.If you are a Civil War buff, you will love the historical research that Terry Soileau has done for this book The author obviously researched his subject with an attention to detail, making the pathos of such a brutal war come alive He takes a cliched storyline of a family torn by political and religious differences and breathes some new life into it by exploring the nature of his characters when confronted with the choice of doing right or wrong and of the individual nature of that quest There are a couple of historical anomalies that shouldn t upset even the most strict buff.Where the book came up short for me was in the execution Every now and again, the flow of the story was interrupted by historical information that was forced into the novel rather than revealed by the novel I call it author intrusion and it is a pet peeve of mine For me, it comes down to a question of VOICE Is the author writing his story in the third person where everything is revealed by the person through whose eyes the reader is watching the story unfold, or is he telling the story as an omnipotent storyteller allowing the reader to make the discoveries as the characters do In effect Mr Soileau bounces from one to the other which has the effect of putting the flow of the st...

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    This is a story of the real people of the American Civil War The mothers, sons, soldiers, orphans, nurses, doctors and clergy It depicts well the terrific emotional, physical and even philosophical struggles that each had to endure during this horrible time in the history of the United States Mr Soileau writes in a fashion that is easy to read, yet gets across concepts that are deep and worthy of thought even after the last page is turned That said, it does contain a pet peeve of mine all too common to Civil War stories fiction and non fiction alike That is that when two warring sides are being portrayed, characters, troops, regiments, generals, etc can get mixed up and I am left wondering Now was that particular party Union or Confederate I was disappointed to have that experience from time to time while r...

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    My first and favorite book about the Civil War was Red Badge of Courage A Difference of Purpose, blends the historical and deeply personal lives of each character Any history buff especially a fan of great stories is going to love it

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    Family vs FamilyYou have reminded us to never forget who we fought during the Civil War. The whys and how s of tthe dress It reminds me of What s going on now People need to go trouble Gettysburg Americans were killed and buried there Excellent book.

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    A brilliantly balanced and well executed Civil War novelA Difference of Purpose A Novel of the Civil War gives readers a close up look at the horrors of battle, but I found it to be much than a classic war story It features a tightly woven plot that helps readers comprehend an often stated fact In the Civil War, brothers fought against brothers just as generals from both the Union and Confederate states studied at West Point As a case in point, a Confederate drummer boy is the nephew of the protagonist The author uses the language of the period through the voices of the characters on both sides to make convincing arguments for why they fought.Author Terry Soileau features Andrew Wyeth, abolitionist lawyer, law clerk to Abraham Lincoln, and captain with the Union Irish Brigade as his protagonist He and the other characters struggle with faith and lack thereof At times, the story takes a philosophical twist Near the beginning of the story he is wounded while attempting to save a wounded flag bearer His brother Patrick works to treat Andrew s leg injury.Andrew and his wife debate the merits of faith Amanda is an atheist She asks Andrew to explain his faith, and she concedes, his argument, gave her something to chew on Amanda and her best friend Tina Thorn take jobs as teachers to Dakota Indian children in Min...

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    Amidst the time of the American Civil War, one extended family is facing the trials of being split between the two sides of the conflict Jonathan Berkeley is a twelve year old runaway who has followed his deceased father and joined a Confederate brigade, only he has found his father s gravestone which has marked his father as a coward and deserter His step uncle, Alexander Wythe, is an abolitionist lawyer and captain on a Union brigade, who is working through grief and a crisis of faith upon learning of the death of his wife caused from injuries received during the 1862 Dakota Conflict in Minnesota They represent two of a small group of connected characters whose lives are upended by the battles and moral conflicts of a civil war Despite its short 220 pages, this novel proved to be a very complex and intricate ta...

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    I liked it I believe the author did a wonderful job researching and putting as much information as possible in his novel I also like how he lists his main characters at the beginning.This is a story about a family in tatters by differences during the Civil War Jonathan Berkeley ran away from home at the age of 12 and wound up as a Confederate drummer boy, and served with his relatives in the Federal army Unfortunately, there are devastating personal tragedies in this novel, as there is with any war It was their husbands, and sons and fathers who were killed and mangled I hope you find the time to check it out You might learn something, as I did, that you didn t know about the Civil War, and...

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    This is an excellent book about the Civil War The one thing, that sets this book apart from other Civil War stories, is that it s told from the viewpoint of both Northerners and Southerners The character development is wonderful The characters became real for me The book is so much than a Civil War novel It shows the political and spiritual struggles of mankind as they try to make sense of the war I have a few suggestions for the author These are personal preferences on my part, Short sentences are preferable to long ones Some of your sentences are strung together with ands They could be easily broken into several sentences There is an over use of the words that and just If the author took a few ...

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    This book deserves much than 5 stars at least 10 It really is an amazing book The story is full of action would make a great movie.

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