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Ebook  ¶ An April Bride MOBI Ý An April  Epub /
  • ebook
  • 140 pages
  • An April Bride (A Year of Weddings, #5)
  • Lenora Worth
  • English
  • 19 November 2018
  • 9780310338697

An April Bride (A Year of Weddings, #5)[BOOKS] ✭ An April Bride (A Year of Weddings, #5) ✯ Lenora Worth – Essayreview.co.uk War changes everything even their love.Bride to be Stella Carson can t wait to marry her longtime sweetheart Marshall Henderson But Marshall has been away serving his country and after suffering a he War changes everythingeven their loveBride to be Stella Carson can t wait to marry her longtime sweetheart Marshall Henderson But Marshall has been away serving his country and after suffering a head wound and being diagnosed with post traumatic stress syndrome, he has distanced himself from Stella by asking her not to visit him in a Washington, DC hospitalMarshall returns to Louisiana just four weeks before the wedding, but as the big day draws near, Stella wonders if the man she s loved for most of her life still wants to marry her.

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    Original review on book is disgusting to the core Let me tell you why After reading this book, I feel HarperCollins editors have lost their marbles.This is one of the books I picked up from NetGalley thinking yeah, it ll be good It is a series I d already picked up the December, January, March and May Bride books and I wanted to make a whole set I was really excited for this one And the blurb caught me It got to me War changes everything It makes a healthy man hate It destroys families and tears countries and societies Even though so many people are against war, yet many powers are behind keeping the countries at war, mostly to profit themselves.The whole book harps all about how good Stella is and how Marshall and Stella are meant for each other But hey, did someone just forget that Marshall was back from war That being stupidly emotional and double guessing the wedding and trying to act like a martyr didn t do anyone any favours This is a really pathetic story I don t know how it got past the editor Was the author attempting to brush off PTSD Stella is the most disagreeable character but the tragedy of the book is that everyone sings her praises Her fiance is suffering and all she can whine, yes that s all she does Whine Whine Whine I wanted to slap her Did she think war meant someplace where people went to have fun PTSD and repressed memories can take years to cure And all Stella cares is about whether Marshall loves her or not And whether she would be married.That was just horrible Everyone trying to counsel and trying to bring back Marshall s memories I d have liked to see a stronger woman who shows her love for her man instead of being a spoilt brat wondering about the fate of her wedding I mean, really My heart went out to Marshall He is just back from a traumatic experience in the war A near death one and he doesn t remember All he knows is that he has to get married in 4 weeks.All I saw was one selfish woman focused so deeply on her wedding that she forgets the fact that marriages happen with both the parties, and that if her fiance isn t well, she should support him.I do not recommend this book at all Not a good read and a little insulting to anyone who fights in war to deal with a prick like that

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    3.75 5I thought that this one needed to be a full length story or at least 200 pages to really feel the effects of Marshall s PTSD There was also some wasted space where Stella kept asking him the same question repeatedly of how he wanted to call off the wedding and break up with her If she had shown this in other ways besides Stella randomly getting flustered every time and asking it in the same way each time, I would have had zero problems with it It would have also been realistic that way I think Other than that, the journey that both of them take together to get towards marriage and their wedding even while Marshall had no memory of Stella was quite heartwarming.

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    Definitely not as good as the other novellas in the A Year of Weddings series that I ve read so far I couldn t connect with either of the main characters I didn t dislike Marshall, the solider who comes back home suffering from a head injury and PTSD In fact, I thought it was commendable that he wanted to go on with the wedding despite all that had happened to him Stella, Marshall s high school sweetheart and finac e, simply irritated me She was constantly thinking about the wedding when I felt like she should have been focused on Marshall and his recovery Because of this, I wasn t too invested in their relationship and I wasn t invested in this story.

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    This was a story that tugged at my heart.Marshall is fighting in Afghanistan when an IED explodes, leaving him with a head injury, four months of hospital stays and no memory He finally returns home to Louisiana four weeks before his wedding to his childhood sweetheart, Stella I couldn t believe that Stella didn t notice that he didn t remember her after talking to him on the phone every day Otherwise, I enjoyed seeing them get to know each other all over again And yes, I cried a few times as I imagined how hard the situation must be for both of them I liked how supportive everyone was, and only hope that I could face a similar situation with such strength and faith.This was one of the Year of Weddings novellas that didn t appeal to me as much because it had the potential to be a sad and dramatic story I was surprised that I enjoyed it, and am glad I had the opportunity to get a copy through NetGalley.com, otherwise I might have missed this one.Content clean

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    I realize my opinion may not match the others but I loved this book I am a softie for military heroes An April Bride is the most emotional book I have read in the Year of Weddings series Marshall has been hurt serving his country and has been in the hospital for the last year He has not wanted anyone but his parents by his side He comes home four weeks before his wedding to his long time sweetheart, Stella Marshall appears to be a very different person now and Stella is worried that he doesn t still want to marry her She is still in love with him but wants what is best for him Both must rely on their faith to get them through this tough time An April Bride has several emotional scenes that had me tearing up You can see my full review at More Than a Review dot com where I rate the level of sex, violence, language and drug alcohol use in books.

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    Welcome to spring It is that time of year where the brides start walking down the aisle Lenora Worth brings us the story of a bride who has to decide whether it is worth, it to walk down the aisle Have you ever had the experience of having trials surprise you How will you react or will you change your plans Synopsis Stella is looking forward to marrying her fianc Marshall, when he comes back from his deployment Around the time that Marshall would have been sent home he and his unit encounter an IED Marshall survives but is injured He wakes up with no memory of Stella and their time together His parents initially keep Stella away because of his amnesia When Stella discovers what her current circumstances are she begins to reconsider plans Will she still marry Marshall Or will he come up with the perfect plan to help her down the aisle My Thoughts I enjoyed Lenora s story of the reluctant bride She did a great job of creating positive interactions between Stella and Marshall Grand gesture by Marshall to get his bride to say I do won me over completely The story is peppered with great characters The story is set in Renaissance Louisiana.

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    Stella can t wait until her wedding to her childhood sweetheart Marshall But wedding bliss turns into an emotional roller coaster when the news comes Marshall has had an accident while serving in the military and can t remember her Marshall comes home suffering from PTSD with no memories of his soon to be bride Stella is everything he ever hoped to marry but he isn t sure his memories could come back in time for the wedding I simply loved this story It was sweet the way Stella and Marshall kind of fell in love a second time I recommend this for everyone.

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    Ive read an april bride ,,, it was okay it reminded me of the lucky one kinda ,, i gave it 3 out of 5 stars

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    Happy Release Day This is another in the A Year of Weddings series published by Zondervan Fiction Each of these novellas focus on a wedding and the trials and tribulations leading up to the event These are nicely clean, but have some UST for our reading enjoyment Kisses can be FUN They are also inspirational, but they don t beat you over the head about it Again, nicely done.An April Bride comes out on 3 25, but you can order your copy now I am certainly enjoying these novellas This one, with a returning soldier, was quite good There was a bit of telling as opposed to showing at the beginning, but I liked it anyway It s difficult to put everything IN that is needed when one is constrained by a novella word count Marshall has been injured and asks that his fiancee not visit him as he s recuperating He has a brain injury We come to find out that he s lost his memory and doesn t remember his bride to be.Stella doesn t find this out until he returns, just weeks before the wedding they ve planned This was by his request, but still, I would have been ticked.Marshall is attracted to Stella She s everything a bride should be Sweet and devoutand pretty, too By all accounts he s loved her forever And he wants to honor his promise.Stella s not sure of anything except the fact that she loves him But what if he doesn t remember her Ever Stella needed to do some growing, and when she finally does, I was quite proud of her There were a few time line issues, but all in all, this was an enjoyable read One thing that is odd with the preview copies from Zondervan, is that many of the sentences don t begin with capital letters It s odd and takes a bit to get into the flow of reading The actual books have that issue taken care of, but still hard to read the books.This is a FOUR BOOKMARK read for me Thank you, NetGalley and Zondervan, for the opportunity to read An April Bride

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    Really enjoyed this book Loving this series.

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