Party Girl PDF Á Paperback

Party Girl PDF Á Paperback
    Party Girl PDF Á Paperback the seamy realities of the business, she is forced to make a choice: do whatever it takes to get ahead, or stay true to herselfA roman a clef in the vein of The Devil Wears Prada, PARTY GIRL draws on the author’s real life experience for an exclusive behindthescenes look at the celebrityobsessed world of event planning From the party habits of America’s favorite underage singer to the worst Bridezilla of all the kind that graces the cover of your favorite magazine, PARTY GIRL reveals the ugly side of Hollywood’s prettiest parties."/>
  • Paperback
  • 360 pages
  • Party Girl (The Girls, #1)
  • Rachel Hollis
  • English
  • 15 June 2019
  • 9780615940847

Party Girl (The Girls, #1)➵ Party Girl (The Girls, #1) Read ➼ Author Rachel Hollis – Landon Brinkley is making her dreams come true After years of poring over glossy photos of celebrity parties in People and US Weekly, she’s landed her Holy Grail: an internship with the fabulous Sel Landon Brinkley is making her dreams come true After years of poring over glossy photos of celebrity parties in People and US Weekly, she’s landed her Holy Grail: an internship with the fabulous Selah Smith, event planner to the Hollywood elite Moving from small town Texas to Los Angeles, Landon finds herself in a world in which spending a million dollars on an event – even for kids’ birthdays – is de rigueur The thrill of working on Alist parties and celeb weddings is enough to get her through the hour workweeks, the nightmare of a multiday film festival, and abuse at the hands of a mercurial boss LA is full of opportunity for fame, fortune and even love But confronted with the seamy realities of the business, she is forced to make a choice: do whatever it takes to get ahead, or stay true to herselfA roman a clef in the vein of The Devil Wears Prada, PARTY GIRL draws on the author’s real life experience for an exclusive behindthescenes look at the celebrityobsessed world of event planning From the party habits of America’s favorite underage singer to the worst Bridezilla of all the kind that graces the cover of your favorite magazine, PARTY GIRL reveals the ugly side of Hollywood’s prettiest parties.

10 thoughts on “Party Girl (The Girls, #1)

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    I'm going to go ahead and give it 5 stars, because, well if I don't love it then what hope is there for anyone else?? ;)

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    “Watch out LA, Landon Brinkley is here and she’s… belting out every word of this song like her life depends on it!”

    This was a chick-lit style story about a girl who desperately wanted to be a party planner, even if it killed her.

    Landon was a nice person, which was a bit of a problem for her in the harsh world of party planning that she found herself in! I have to say that I was impressed with the way she stuck with it though, even when things got tough, and was determined to earn herself a place as a party planner, no matter how tough it was.

    The storyline in this followed Landon as she started working at SSE – a company which planned parties, and was totally thrown in at the deep end! She was literally expected to understand lingo that she had no idea about, and she worked so hard to try and do a job that was like swimming with sharks!

    There was a touch of romance in this, and the course of this romance didn’t run smoothly, although this was more to do with the job than anything!

    The ending to this was pretty good, and it was nice to see what Landon had accomplished after all that she’s been through.
    6 out of 10

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    *4.5 stars*

    I've been working my way through new-to-me authors who are going to be at this year's RT convention (, and this book is the first from that list that I've really, really enjoyed. Total shocker, especially since the author narrates her own audiobooks.

    Authors narrating their own audiobooks is a no-no, in my book, only because very few have the acting chops and vocal range to pull it off. While Rachel Hollis doesn't excel at male voices, she rocked out her female voices and gave great feeling to her characters. I was amazed at how much I loved the audio, and I'll totally spring for the rest of the series in audio format.

    Party Girl is very The Devil Wears Prada-esk, but not in a bad way. It is clear where some of the influence comes from, but it stops short of ever feeling derivative. I was really surprised at how easily I fell in love with this story. The MC, Landon Brinkley, is a hard-working, spunky, high-hair, southern, nonjudgmental character, and I adored her. That is saying a lot, because female MCs have a tendency, for some reason, to cut other women down and come across as the lowest common denomenator. Landon doesn't. She was a total breath of fresh air, and I would read about her any day of the week.

    I stop short of calling this book a romance, for all of my fellow traditional romance-lovers, because the focus of the book is really on Landon's personal development. While there is some romance, it takes a far backseat. There is also absolutely no sex (or any action) on page, which makes it more chick-lit-y, in my book.

    If you want an interesting, engaging, story about a woman trying to make it in the cut-throat world of LA with lots of great side characters and some light romance, don't pass this one up. And the audio upgrade is totally worth it. Rock on, Rachel Hollis.

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    Now this was a great surprise. I wish I could remember how it crossed my radar but all I know is I tagged it will probably regret. I suppose I should have a flip-side delightfully unexpected.

    I liked Landon almost from the start. She's a go-getter who isn't afraid to do a tough job or to deal with tough people. It helps that she knows what she wants and that she's pursuing that dream with all the vigor she possesses. And that means doing her very best as an intern for the premier event planner in LA. There's more than a little Devil Wears Prada here—the movie, not the book I couldn't stand. The big difference is that Landon knows what she wants so it isn't so much a fish out of water story. Oh, and that Selah doesn't have that touch of mastery that made Miranda Priestly so intriguing (despite her awful behavior).

    The story really does turn on whether you like Landon, though. I can't imagine not doing so, but the story is much more of her growth and maturity than it is anything else. The romance, while satisfying and well-handled, is a side feature, though it caps the novel nicely. I hesitate to bring in the author biography, though the depth of detail of event planning is well appreciated. You can see that she knows that space. Fortunately, she's a very talented writer as well, so that depth is presented entertainingly and solely as it pertains to the characters and story. i.e. no awkward expositive lumps or showing off or boring details nobody but industry insiders would care about. Also, now I think on it, she has an equally light touch dealing with the crazy that surrounds celebrity culture (the waters that high-profile event planning swims in). What could have been exploited for humor or plot twists or pandering was mostly the backdrop it needed to be for the story to work as Landon's journey.

    So yeah, solid story, excellent characters, good plot. I was thoroughly entertained and this deserves every one of the four stars.

    A note about Steamy: No steam. It bears a mention as I'm tagging this New Adult and there's a sexy-times expectation with that genre.

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    My computer decided to take its time to install a huge update. A whole working day (no kidding)! Then I didn't have internet. So, this book definitely begged me to be listened to, instead of working, and I didn't mind.

    This was good! I don't know if I ever read a romance like this. Not a single thing made me annoyed. Maybe it's because this is not written by an author who usually writes romances. And the feelings were so familiar for a nobody who wants to start a career and proves herself. I mean, we don't save the world, but we all deserve to have our precious moment after finding non published Harry Potter copy for Devil who wears Prada.

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    This book had some of my favorite things. A strong heroine that finally discovers her own strength. Humor. Romance. Strong female friendships and hot guys. But most of all I love that the audio is read by the author. The accent is real, ya’ll, and I love it!

    An adorable romance. Although there is a lot of alcohol consumption there is very little strong language and no sex.

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    I loved this book so much! I just didn't want to put it down! (The time I did was because adulting was inescapable lol) Review will be up soon on the blog!

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    Actual rating: 1.5 stars.

    I'm not sure why I continually subject myself to the crapfest that is chicklit. It could be because when the books are good--a rarity--they are funny, heartwarming and real. This book was not such an anomaly. The basic premise of this novel is so cliched. We have all seen the movie or read the book where the sweet, small town girl moves to the big, bad scary city. She meets the boy of her dreams, gets steamrolled by the mean girl, and ultimately triumphs. Done right, this plot can be charming. I adored Reese Witherspoon's take on it in Legally Blonde. Granted, Reese is an Academy-Award winning actress who has made a lucrative career out of being adorable. (Ironically, her best roles--those of Tracy Flick and June Cash--didn't utilize her awesome powers of cuteness.)

    The basic premise is as follows: Landon Brinkley, a sweet, small-town girl from Texas moves to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams of being an event planner. The author had a successful career in that arena so those parts of the novel have verisimilitude. They are also the best parts. Honestly I would have loved a novel about all of the funny, ridiculous, and rewarding aspects of event planning. Throw in a little celebrity tell-all and it would have been an orgiastic medley of guilty pleasures. Unfortunately, the book was a vapid rehashing of The Devil Wears Prada without any of the humor. At least Andi in the aforementioned Devil was smart--Landon is like a cartoon Texas girl, complete with pink clothes and big hair. She is constantly described as smart, but continues to do things that are ridiculous. She has no spine--she cannot even stand up to one of the assistants; but somehow she manages to defy her evil boss and start HER OWN event planning business. Every aspect of this novel annoyed the crap out of me.

    On a side note, if you plan to utilize Spanish in your book, please make sure it's correct. There was one scene where Landon helps to placate an angry Hispanic client. She rushes over speaking horrific Spanish and the guy is supposedly charmed. Um, no. Nothing was grammatically correct, the syntax was completely wrong, and the subjunctive wasn't used in two instances where it needed to be. Hey Ms. Hollis--using a Spanish dictionary does NOT mean you can speak Spanish. Viejo is the correct adjective when describing a person, Ms. Hollis. But I digress.

    Landon starts the job on her first day apparently hoping that being cute and Southern will excuse her lack of planning. She has done no research on the company, Selah Smith Events, for which she is working as an intern. She has read about the events in magazines, but doesn't seem to know that the person that interviewed her is a male because they have only talked via the interwebs. Really?! That is the POINT of LinkedIn, for cripe's sake. She doesn't ask about the company dress code so she shows up for her first day in a completely inappropriate outfit. She doesn't think that L.A. traffic might be awful, and shows up half an hour late for her first day. Oh, and she doesn't call/text/e-mail her supposed mentor to let them know that tardiness might be imminent. In any job I worked, that kind of inconsiderate offense would be subject to termination.

    While all of that nonsense suspends disbelief for anybody who has ever held a job, Landon's ridiculous naivete and milquetoast personality were so ludicrous and overexaggerated they were laughable. We are supposed to fall in love with the character's innocence. I wanted to tie her to a chair, duct tape her eyes open, and force her to watch increasingly shameful pornography until she grew the hell up. I grew up in a very protective family in a small town in Florida; yet I had more gumption and common sense at SEVENTEEN than this Southern-fried idiot has at twenty-fricking-three.

    Then come a series of ever-more improbable events in which our innocent (read: abysmally stupid) heroine [snort] stumbles her way from an internship at the company to a paid position, lands one of L.A.'s wealthiest and hottest bachelors, and defies her evil boss. She also manages to start her own company with NO CAPITAL based on her good relationship with one celebrity client and the aforementioned Hispanic client. Because powerful Latinos got that way by handing over their business interests to half-witted white girls.

    Oh, God--the Satanic boss. Selah Smith, the eponymous head of SSE, is such a bitch caricature it makes my head hurt. Jafar She might as well try to slay Landon and be done with it. I mean, she does everything but rub her hands together gleefully and laugh maniacally. At one point, she actually says, I will ruin you. What are you, Ultraman? You can't ruin me, you abominable tart. I'll call OSHA on your abusive ass.

    Landon is such a wuss that she allows this woman to treat her shabbily. Indonesian sweat shop workers would quit after this treatment, but our ridiculous protagonist continues along without a protest. Work on Thanksgiving with no prior notice and after booking a flight? Sure! Break up with the love interest because you like him too? Okey dokey. Allow you to verbally abuse me and take credit for my work? Yupper.

    L.A. is such a tiny, podunk town that there are NO OTHER event planning companies for which she could work. And of course, no one else makes a fuss either. I am not familiar with the vagaries of event planning; I'm sure it is stressful to the extreme. However, Federal law does have limits on the number of hours one can require their employees to work. You cannot expect me to believe that AN ENTIRE FRIGGING COMPANY allows this woman to get away with a reign of terror that makes Pablo Escobar look like a jolly uncle.

    There was nothing in this book that was original, funny, or redeeming with the exception of the party descriptions. If you like shallow, stupid MC's and trite writing, by all means pick up a copy.

    You'd think by now I would have learned my lesson with chicklit. Perhaps I am even more naive than I thought--I keep hoping to find the gem in the dungheap. This book was not that gem.

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    What an awesome debut novel from Rachel Hollis! I immediately fell in love with the synopsis and signed up to review this book for its Release Day Launch. It's such a wonderful feeling when the book you're excited about reading lives up to all your expectations! Ms. Hollis will grab your attention from the very beginning and keep you hooked right up to the end. And you will love each and every minute of it!

    In Party Girl we're introduced to Landon Brinkley, a Texas native who has relocated to LA with the dream of making it big as an events planner. Armed with her mantra, I am strong. I am smart. I am courageous., her savings account and a teaching degree to fall back on she's ready to give it her all and make this change work.

    Working for her idol Selah Smith of SSE (Selah Smith Events) is a dream come true, even if it is an unpaid internship. It's just the right amount of motivation she needs to keep her goals in perspective. However, Landon finds herself quickly changing in order to fit in and make her life easier. It's only temporary right? She's just gotta put in the time and gain the experience needed to start her own business. And failure is not an option. Although she quickly realizes Selah isn't the person she thought she was and that SSE is much more complicated and nerve-wracking than her previous events planning job, she sticks with it determined to impress her boss and make a name for herself.

    I absolutely loved Landon with her big hair, love of all things pink & colorful, and Texas charm! She's by far one of the funnest characters I've come across in a while. She's living (or fictional) proof that you can take the girl out of Texas, but you can't take Texas out of the girl. I really admired that fact that she's so hardworking and determined. I was standing in her corner cheering her on from the very beginning because that's the kind of deep connection you're able to make with her. Landon's character is very real and easy to relate to.

    Miko, or Jin as she's known in the workplace, is an absolute life saver! She takes Landon under her wing right off the bat because, unlike all of her other jaded co-workers, Miko remembers what it was like to start from the bottom. I loved her quirky personality and all of the book references! She proves herself to be an amazing friend every step of the way.

    Max, Landon's roommate, is definitely unique. She hides behind a tough exterior but inside she's a softy. I kinda felt bad every time she revealed a new fact about herself that Landon didn't know because when asked why she never mentioned it before, her response would always be, You didn't ask. There's much more to this girl than meets the eye. It takes a bit of digging and an unfortunate accident to get to the bottom of it, but it's well worth the wait because, like Miko, she's an amazing friend.

    Throw in some hot guys, workplace drama, a drunken girls night out (or two), incredible fashion and an awesomely witty writing style and you've got yourself one hell of a fun read. If you loved The Devil Wears Prada and watch The Wedding Planner every chance you get…not that I do that or anything…then you will absolutely adore this book! You get a behind the scenes look at what really happens, or happened, at an events planning company. The writing is absolutely flawless and will have you laughing out loud at some points. I'm seriously impressed by the incredible attention to detail. Ms. Hollis literally paints a picture in your mind of each scene as it unfolds. I would highly recommend this book and can totally see myself rereading it time and time again!

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    I was lucky enough to get my hands on this little baby early - during the Christmas holiday, to be exact. And I let myself indulge. It was perfect. Everything I needed in a frothy holiday read. I loved The Devil Wears Prada and Confessions of a Shopaholic and this book has the same wit, charm, and dizzying, can't-resist-peeking, behind-the-scenes glimpse into the world of fame and fortune from a party planners perspective. Women's Fiction at it's finest...or funnest. I loved it!

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