World of Water Epub æ World of PDF/EPUB ²

World of Water Epub æ World of  PDF/EPUB ²
  • Paperback
  • 464 pages
  • World of Water (Dev Harmer Mission, #2)
  • James Lovegrove
  • English
  • 20 September 2018
  • 9781781083055

World of Water (Dev Harmer Mission, #2) ❰Ebook❯ ➢ World of Water (Dev Harmer Mission, #2) Author James Lovegrove – The Amazing Sequel To World Of Fire Dev Harmer Has Landed In A New Body On A New Planet He Has Gills And Fins And A Chronic Malfunction In His Genes With Only Hours To Bring The Settlers And Natives The Amazing Sequel To World Of Fire Dev Harmer Has Landed In A New Body On A New Planet He Has Gills And Fins And A Chronic Malfunction In His Genes With OnlyHours To Bring The Settlers And Natives Of A Colonised World To Peace Before His Temporary Body Expires, Murder And Corruption Are The Least Of His WorriesWith The Indigenous Mer Folk On The Seabed And The Human Settlers In Floating Cities On The Ocean Surface World of PDF/EPUB ² Cannibalising The Mer Tech In An Attempt To Force Their Way Into The Eco System, Harmer Is In A Race Against The Clock To Ensure His Mission Doesn T End In Abject Disaster, A Polis Coup Or Genocide.

About the Author: James Lovegrove

James Lovegrove is the author of several acclaimed novels and books for childrenJames was born on Christmas Eve and, having dabbled in writing at school, first took to it seriously while at university A short story of his won a college competition The prize was , and it had cost to get the story professionally typed This taught him a hard but necessary lesson in the harsh economic.

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    RebellionPublishing Date March 2016ISBN 9781781083055Genre SciFiRating 3.6 5Publishers Description Special agents like Dev Harmer, grievously injured military veteran whose only hope for salvation is to travel from world to world as a professional troubleshooter, his brain patterns beamed into cloned host bodies, until he has earned enough credit to return home and be restored to full health.Review The idea that brain patterns can be beamed into cloned bodies is great, as it opens up alien interactions and cultures while creating a great platform for world building The movement was constant with threatening alien life forms and militaristic interventions The novel was a bit weak on justifying scientifically how a once frozen solid planet is now completely covered in water and supports a profundity of life Captain Maddoxs character as well as some of his marines came ...

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    World of Water is the second book in the Dev Harmer Missions series, from English author James Lovegrove In it we follow ISS agent Dev Harmer as he turns up on another new world with some sort of mostly unknown problem to solve, and most things stacked against him In other words, exactly where you want to see a sass talking, ass kicking intelligence operative Picking up ...

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    Bookworm Speaks World of Water Dev Harmer 1 by James LovegroveAcquired Barnes Nobel BooksellersSeries Dev Harmer MissionsPaperback 464 pagesPublisher Solaris August 26, 2014 Language English The Story In this stellar sequel to World of Fire, Dev Harmer has landed in a new body on a new planetDev Harmer, reluctant agent of Interstellar Security Solutions, has travelled to ocean world Robinson D, nicknamed Triton.Here, settlements belonging to the Terran Diaspora have been coming under attack by members of the planet s sub aquatic indigenous race ISS suspects the involvement of an agent provocateur working for humankind s galactic rivals, the artificial intelligence civilization known as Polis.As the violence escalates, Dev finds himself battling to restore order but he has only seventy two hours before his genetically engineered host form breaks down irreversibly And all as an ancient god beast rises from the depths to usher in an apocalypse The Review After his adventures on Alighieri, Dev Harmer takes a complete 180 and ends up on completely different planet While the water world is...

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    Book World of WaterAuthor James LovegroveSeries The Dev Harmer Missions 2Who Might Like This book I would suggest this book to someone who likes action books, without a lot of back story needed in their series It was very easy to follow without having read the first book Anyone who has read authors like James Rollins, Steve Berry, Clive Cussler or has read another James Lovegrove book would probably like this book as long as they are okay with a hint of science fiction.Summary Dev Harmer is the main character Dev was recruited into the Interstellar Security Solutions to purchase himself a body of his own again which is not very central to the story He traveled to an ocean world whose nickname is Triton, to find out if the group called Polis is behind the current unrest between the Tritonians and Humans He is also on a time limit due to failings of his genetically engineered host form and must resolve the conflict during that time.The book opens with Dev being downloaded in his host form and immediately feeling terrible Very quick it becomes apparent that the unrest on Triton is getti...

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    I enjoyed World of Water, by James Lovegrove I saw that it was the second book in a series, and I requested book one from the publisher Unfortunately, the electronic edition the publisher sent was incompatible with my Kindle app, so I was unable to read it.You don t need to read World of Fire to read World of Water If Fire is as good as Water, then I highly recommend reading them both After finishing Water, I was sad that I couldn t continue the adventures of Dev Harmer The ending of Water sets up another book in the series, and I could see this continuing and being as popular as the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich, just sci fi instead of chick lit.Not a lot of back sto...

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    Another great adventure in the Dev Harmer series This time, as you can guess from the title, the world is all water all the time There is a rebellion going on but who is behind it We have battles with sea creatures and bring out the Marines to save the day Except there is an insider who is actually creating the chaos and Dev is on the job to find out who exactly has the planet on the brink of all out war.CAUTION For some reason the publisher decided to d...

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    When I read my first James Lovegrove bookI became an instant fan.He captures not just exciting storiesthat are reminiscent of classic SF storiesbut the story becomes cleverly modern.His characters are so believableso instantly charming.Dev harmer is an agent sent out into t...

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    I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.Without knowing this was part 2 of James Lovegrove s saga, I must say that I read it without feeling I was missing anything Dev Harmer is basically a brain for hire, traveling through the universe in different bodies, using his extensive ...

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    Second in the series, with a lead in to the third Kind of a high tech, spy thriller The hook being that only the protagonist s identity travels from planet to planet, with his consciousness being implanted in a new body at each stop I m enjoying these, but am...

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    Fun read inspired from Altered Carbon

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