Winning the War Hero's Heart MOBI Î War Hero's MOBI

Winning the War Hero's Heart MOBI Î War Hero's  MOBI
  • Kindle Edition
  • 384 pages
  • Winning the War Hero's Heart
  • Mary Nichols
  • English
  • 05 May 2017

Winning the War Hero's Heart➨ Winning the War Hero's Heart Ebook ➮ Author Mary Nichols – AN UNSUITABLE ALLIANCERecently returned from the battlefields of Waterloo, the last thing wounded war hero Viscount Cavenham anticipates is a conflict in his home town But that is exactly what Miles g AN UNSUITABLE ALLIANCERecently returned from the battlefields War Hero's MOBI ò of Waterloo, the last thing wounded war hero Viscount Cavenham anticipates is a conflict in his home town But that is exactly what Miles gets when he comes up against rebellious campaigner for justice and equality Helen Wayland At first Miles relishes having headstrong, outspoken Helen as his foe, but as they continue to cross swords their animosity turns to attraction Suddenly Miles finds he no longer wants Helen as his enemy he d like to Winning the PDF \ make this unsuitable miss his wife.

About the Author: Mary Nichols

Born in Singapore to a Dutch South War Hero's MOBI ò African father and an English mother, Mary Nichols came to England when she was three and considers herself totally English Her father, like many people who learn English as a second language, would have no sloppiness, either spoken or written, and Mary puts her love of the language down to him He was also a great reader and there were always books in the house so that Mary learned to read at a very early age Winning the PDF \ She read anything that came to hand, whether it was suitable or not By the time she was nine or ten, her one ambition was to be a writerHer first novel, handwritten in several school exercise books, was completed when she was fifteen Not having any idea of how to go about finding a publisher, she wrapped it up and sent it to the editor of the woman s monthly magazine to which her mother subscribed It says a great deal for that editor the War Hero's Epub à that she took the trouble to read it and sent Mary a long and very encouraging letter, which put her ambition into overdriveFinishing her education and finding a job took over in the next few years, followed by an early marriage and a family When her children were all at school she joined her local writers circle Publication of articles and stories in a variety of periodicals and magazines followed, but the ambition to be a novelist never wavered and throughout the time she was writing and selling short pieces she was working on her novelsMary joined the Romantic Novelists Association in the s Her first novel was a contemporary one published by Robert Hale in and that was followed by nineMary sent her first historical romance to Mills and Boon in and was delighted when a telephone call three weeks later told her it had been accepted Since then she has been a regular writer for the historical series Among these is a miniseries about a group of gentleman in the mid eighteenth century who form a club to track down criminals, a sort of private detective agency, which naturally leads each of them into romanceShe is also the author of family sagas, published by Allison and Busby She has also written a biography of her grandmother, entitled The Mother of Necton, who was the midwife and nurse in the village of Necton in Norfolk from until the advent of the National Health Service in Apart from when her children were small, Mary always had a day job , being a school secretary, an editor of a house journal and an information manager for a database of open learning courses Now writing full time, Mary spends part of every day at her computer producing her novels and divides the rest of the time between reading and research and gardening Occasionally she gives talks about her writing to groups and societies Writing for me is an addiction, Mary says I am not happy if I haven t got a book on the go and if my readers enjoy what I have written, then that is an added bonus.

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    Torn between 2 or 3 stars Actually it s 2,5 stars.I hate both of his parents The hero basically do whatever his mommy tells him to do __ He s a bit of spineless, yes.Very useful the notes at the end of the book.

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    It s really good There were a lot of surprises about the main characters that made it very interesting.

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