Hardcover ¶ Deadly Deceptions MOBI Á

Hardcover  ¶ Deadly Deceptions MOBI Á
    Hardcover ¶ Deadly Deceptions MOBI Á while her wealthy sister is being blackmailed for secrets in hers And Mojo s smack in the middle of it all As the murders pile up, Mojo is starting to uncover secrets that even the dead don t want disturbed."/>
  • Hardcover
  • 425 pages
  • Deadly Deceptions
  • Linda Lael Miller
  • English
  • 23 October 2019
  • 9780739493410

Deadly Deceptions[Reading] ➽ Deadly Deceptions By Linda Lael Miller – Essayreview.co.uk Mojo is trying to enjoy her posh new home, but she d rather be back living over Bad Ass Bert s Biker Saloon, where life was simpler Her sexy cop boyfriend can t let go of his past, while her wealthy s Mojo is trying to enjoy her posh new home, but she d rather be back living over Bad Ass Bert s Biker Saloon, where life was simpler Her sexy cop boyfriend can t let go of his past, while her wealthy sister is being blackmailed for secrets in hers And Mojo s smack in the middle of it all As the murders pile up, Mojo is starting to uncover secrets that even the dead don t want disturbed.

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    Arizona Heat by Linda Lael Miller is a 2017 HQN publication Just for the sake of clarity this is the second book in the Mojo Sheepshanks series This two book series has been reissued with new titles and new cover art I read the first book, originally titled, Deadly Gamble , several years back and loved it However, I never got around to reading the second book When I saw this one on Overdrive, I checked it out without even reading the description because I read everything I can by Linda Lael Miller But, when I realized I had the second Mojo installment I did a happy dance Yay The book starts off on a very somber note, as Mojo attends the funeral of a murdered child But, the thing is, the child s ghost is Mojo s constant companion and will be until her murderer is found out, something the newly minted detective is determined to discover, with or without the help of her boyfriend, Tucker To make matters worse, Tucker s children were friends with the murder victim and are traumatized by her death, prompting him to move back in with this ex wife temporarily, for the sake of his kids If that weren t bad enough, Mojo s sister is being blackmailed and her philandering brother in law is missing I am so happy Mojo is getting a little added time in the spotlight I would love for Linda add books to this paranormal romantic suspense series It is so good Mojo is a terrific character, strong, yet conflicted, determined, but vulnerable, but most of all she s smart and compassionate and will eventually make a very good detective, especially if she continues to receive help from the other side The book is fast paced, with a touch of screwball humor here and there, as well as a super sexy and steamy romance filled with just the right amount of conflict and angst The story has heart and emotion as well as suspense and action I don t know why the series stopped suddenly because there is lots of room for character and relationship growth and the ending did hint at future installments which really has my curiosity peaked You will want to pick up the first book, Deadly Gamble published in 2006, or the newly released digital version of the book, Arizona Wild , before starting this one I highly recommend this series to lovers of paranormal romance and romantic suspense and maybe even to those who enjoy contemporary western romance 4.5 stars

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    No No No No Nooooo How could you leave us hanging like this LLM This one was better than the 1st book even though I did really like that one too I am still dumbstruck that she did not write any after this She left us with a new character.which floored me at the end and she left the Hh up in the air Great mystery and romance in this one.

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    Five and a half chapters into Deadly Deceptions by Linda Lael Miller and I am so in love with this book that a I m dreading finishing it, and b Hoping and praying there will be in this series Linda if you re out there I am not beneath grovelling When I read and reviewed Deadly Gamble I said that although enjoyable, at times it felt like a Janet Evanovich knock off No Deadly Deceptions is Deadly Gamble grown up And it s great Although you can get enough background from Deadly Deceptions I would recommend reading the first in the series before picking up this book Deadly Deceptions continues on about one week after the conclusion of Deadly Gamble and features the lovable, bumbling, hard headed yet sensitive Mojo Sheepshanks, a PI who sees dead people The story focuses around the murder of seven year old Gillian Pellway who made her appearance at the conclusion of Deadly Gamble Of course Mojo s life isn t as straightforward as solving Gillian s murder, she also has to contend with finding out who is blackmailing her sister, whether her brother in law is cheating plus the other ghosts that pop in unannounced And then there s the complicated, sizzling and utterly gripping relationship with her on again, off again boyfriend Tucker Deadly Deceptions has ensured that the Mojo Sheepshanks series by Linda Lael Miller will be considered must read and I will be scrambling at bookstores when future books are released.

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    I started reading and realized this was the second book, so had to stop and order book 1, and read it Now I have finished both MoJo books and WANT a third But there isn t one I sure hope Linda Lael Miller revisits this storyline and takes it further I like the humor, sexiness and interesting twists of the paranormal plot lines Good quick reads, fun entertaining characters Each character in MoJo s life has many stories yet to be told, and I want to read them.

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    Good sequel to Arizona Wild This one picks up where the previous book left off, just after the murder of seven year old Gillian Mojo is attending the funeral for the little girl, which feels especially odd to her, as the child s ghost is sitting next to her Mojo is determined to do her best to find out who murdered the child, with or without the help of her cop boyfriend, Tucker.This investigation isn t the only thing Mojo has going on in her life She is also worried about her sister, Greer, who is being blackmailed over something in her past Greer also has a philandering husband who is missing Mojo s other sister, Jolie, is in the midst of a career change that doesn t make much sense, so she worries about that, too Add in random other dead people that pop in and out of her life, and it s no wonder that she frequently doesn t know which way is up.Mojo also has a stressful relationship with Tucker The chemistry between them is smoking hot, which means they have a hard time keeping their hands off each other when they are together But Tucker s divorce wasn t that long ago, and Mojo isn t all that certain that Tucker is completely over his wife When his two children freak out over the death of their friend Gillian, Tucker moves back into the family home to reassure them Unfortunately, that just adds to Mojo s fears.I liked the relationship between Mojo and Tucker much in this book Mojo is able to express her fears to him, rather than just push him away I thought that Tucker was pretty darn patient with her fears, and that he did everything he could to show her where his heart belonged I liked the teasing that went on between them, especially over her addiction to the Damn Fool s Guide books that she constantly refers to I loved the fact that he believed her about seeing dead people, and that he would listen when she would tell him what they said His protectiveness was great, and he had an excellent track record of showing up just when he was needed I hurt for him at the end, when his son ended up in the hospital, and he needed Mojo so badly I loved how it worked out, and the end was pretty sweet.The suspense of the story was really good A fair amount was going on There was Gillian s murder, and the search for who did it When Danny was also hurt, the question became one of whether the two were connected I had my suspicions about the culprit, and the final confrontation was intense and very scary If it hadn t been for one of Mojo s other ghosts, it would probably not have ended well Then there was Greer s story She was being blackmailed over something from her past before she joined Mojo s family She didn t know who was behind it To meet the blackmailer s demands, she was sucking her husband s accounts dry He had also spent money himself, trying to buy off the blackmailer Then he turned up dead, shot multiple times and left in the desert, and Greer was a suspect At least, until his ghost showed up in Mojo s house, wanting to clear her name Though he didn t know who did it, he had some ideas There was also some surprise information provided by his first wife, which sent Mojo off to Greer s hometown, just in time to save Greer s life That confrontation had a couple of interesting twists to it that I didn t see coming.I loved the various ghostly characters okay, MOST of them The teenager, Justin, just about broke my heart with the way that he was so worried about his mom and his dog I loved that he took little Gillian under his wing and was able to interpret her signs for Mojo I laughed a bit at the way he teased Mojo about her relationship with Tucker The security guard who took care of Mojo s dog was cute with the way he enjoyed sitting in her car and pretending to drive But the one who surprised me the most was the one who showed up at the end and offered to be her partner at the bar I didn t realize he was a ghost the first time he appeared and neither did she I d really love to see another Mojo book

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    Loved the Mojo Sheepshank series, both books were fast paced and had action and suspense mixed in with a steamy love story Mojo is such an interesting lead character and how can you not love the main man Tucker This series needs to read in order for it to make the most sense Arizona Wild, then Arizona Heat The author left so much room for stories to be added but sadly there are only the two Disappointing If she planned on only having the two books, she needed to write an epilogue to wrap the story up better It is left wide open.

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    Second in the Mojo Sheepshank series Just as good as Deadly Gamble In the Miller style, the characters pull you in the first minute you meet them As Mojo meets her first ghost Gillian, the plot takes off Miller is a master at sub plots and quick gotchas which kept me immersed I loved getting to know her boyfriend cop Tucker better and watching how their relationship evolved Great book

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    I loved the first book in the series Deadly Gamble and I loved this one even I am really hoping Linda Lael Miller adds books to this series Both books had me on the edge of my seat and I couldn t wait to find out how Mojo would solve the murders I would definitely recommend this series.

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    OH MY HOLY FREAKING GOODNESS While I enjoy Miller s cowboy books, why is she not writing urban fantasies The Mojo series is right up there with Ilona Andrews, Patricia Briggs, Karen Chance, and Jeaniene Frost.

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    This series screams for .

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