Kindle Edition ¶ Resentment eBook Á

Kindle Edition  ¶ Resentment eBook Á
  • Kindle Edition
  • 265 pages
  • Resentment
  • Nicole London
  • English
  • 24 December 2018

Resentment[Download] ➵ Resentment By Nicole London – Librarian Note See Alternate Cover Edition HERERe sent ment The act of hating no, fucking loathing Dean Collins Yes, I m well aware that s not the actual definition, but it might as well be It s been Librarian Note See Alternate Cover Edition HERERe sent ment The act of hating no, fucking loathing Dean Collins Yes, I m well aware that s not the actual definition, but it might as well be It s been ten years since we ve seen each other and the feelings are still as strong I m not going to bore you with all the details of how our love was once intoxicating, consuming, and perfect Because it was until it wasn t I ve been fine without him I haven t missed his cruelty, his coldness and his spite And after the ugliest breakup in the history of breakups, I forced myself to move on Year by year, the feelings I had for him slowly drifted away, but one encounter with him recently changed everything One encounter made me realize how the heart doesn t forget shit, and how my mind is going to have to work overtime to make sure I never forget my definition of Resentment.

About the Author: Nicole London

Nicole London is a hopeless dreamer and author of romance novelsShe lives with her husband and their Siberian Husky in Tennessee When she s not chatting books with her best friend, she s sipping lattes at Starbucks, binge watching her favorite shows, or planning her next travel adventure You can connect with her on Facebook via Author Nicole London or on Instagram NicoleLondonAuthor.

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    Our love was once intoxicating, consuming, and perfect until it wasn t image error

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    Resentment, n. The feeling of disappointment after trusting Dean Collins, the asshole you knew would betray you this book, the clusterfuck you knew would make you rage. Sometimes it s difficult to pinpoint the precise reasons to explain our intense dislike for a novel This is not one of those times.On the contrary, I ve yet to find something positive to say about Resentment, if you except the sick fascination that forced me to finish it, to see if it really was that bad spoiler alert it very much was Honestly, it s quite an achievement, when you think about it indeed I turned the last page last night and 24 hours later, I m STILL randomly feeling bursts of annoyance whenever a scene comes to my mind Whether it s the complete lack of chemistry the nonsensical and over stretched plot wonderful pieces of garbage like, Get your hands off of me, Dean I glare at him as he grips Get your hands off Of Me Say it like you actually mean it and I will HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA my dude, you are so funny not the fact that I felt the need to finish the story in order to find out what could explain Dean s awful behavior both in the past and in present , only to get a wonderful package of nonsense wrapped with an abuse as a plot device ribbon I think the fuck not, book the repetitive writing the shallow and stereotypical characters I spent the whole day fuming and screaming I WANT MY TIME BACK TDRL Don t be like me, stay the hell away from Dean and Mia You re welcome For of my reviews, please visit

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    I was so looking forward to reading this book I mean to the point of me stalking it Between all the teasers and synopsis I was really excited When I saw the blog tour sign up for his book I jumped on it.So When I started to read Part 1 of this book I loved it It was everything Dean was just everything And I loved how he chased after Mia.Man the beginning Was so good Then it went down hill pretty fast.Then the end of part 1 I hated it I had tears in my eyes for Mia I felt so bad for her.And really Nothing and I mean nothing Dean could say or do that would change my feeling for him Even if he was dealing with so much with his dad He could have handled it better than he did What he did to Mia was malicious and vicious.How he acted towards her was so uncalled for He shattered her And truly didn t care In part 2 Oh man First off It was pretty unbelievable how Dean came back into Mia s life Like soooo unbelievable I was really not feeling Dean at all And his F ed up attitude Why did Mia stay I would have left after finding out he was the roommate And I would have told my brother everything Dean still has the nerve to treat Mia like shit Even after he finds out that she s his best friend sister How can Mia s brother not just kick him out right away after finding out everything he did to his sister in high school He just laughed about it Said he won t kick his butt because now he was his best friend But thought it was messed up of Dean to do that to her That s it It only gets worse from there And I mean down hill Mia started off so strong in the beginning And slowly she ended up being a doormat.If my boyfriend that I loved so very much did this to me Stood me up for prom made out with another girl in front of me during prom said a mean statement to me in front of everyone at prom spread rumors that I did a sex tape with another guy Knowing that I was only with him ever I gave him my virginity let everyone talk about me to the point where it was hard to go to school while he was with other girl and confirming all those nasty rumors.Then let s fast forward 10 years parade a bunch of women in front of me still treat me like I m gum on the bottom of his shoe.I would not go back with him at all Shoot I wouldn t even talk to him Let alone have sex with him But Mia did continued to have sex with him.This is the kicker Drum roll please.And the reason he treated Mia like that was because his dad was beating him in high school and he felt she should have made the effort to finding out what was wrong with him Even though she DID ask him ALL the time what was wrong Because she did notice something was wrong.He expected her to be a mind reader And since she wasn t She paid a great price because of it.The letter he wrote her Was way to late It had no effect on me I still hated him.This book was not for me I like strong MC women Mia was not strong at all And Dean Was no book boyfriend.Too many bad things had happened to them to fully enjoy them getting back together in the end.And Mia s brother Eric Was not a very good brother at all In my opinion.I know review was all over the place But I just had to get everything out ARC provided for an honest review.

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    SERIOUSLY The reason for Dean being a DOUCHE was just DUMB Sorry but I HATED his reasoning No offence to the author as it was a well written book, but I just didn t get it

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    Complimentary Copy Provided by the author Nicole London in exchange for an honest review..Thank you TITLE Resentment AUTHOR Nicole LondonGENRE Contemporary RomanceRELEASE DATE October 29th, 2015MY RATING 5 MR POPULAR STARS How on earth can this be this authors first book shakes head in wonder I shit you not, this book will just grab all those feels out of you and stomp them in the ground, I freaking loved this book, Dean gave me whip lash with him being a douche then not being a douche so yep just be prepared for that kind of carry on, Mia you ve got to love Mia, she kind of needs a filter for all her thoughts..I giggled, I teared up, I swooned, I fell in love with this book on so many levels..DAMN Ekkkkk GULPS wipes chin this cover hoe likey likey this cover Prays to the book gods that the storyline measures up to the cover YES IT DOES Books like this are my guilty secret shhhhh from enemies to lovers, lover these kinds of books Regret Resentment Redemption REGRET n The feeling of disappointment after trusting Dean Collins, the asshole you knew would betray you Dean Collins is the most irresistible asshole at Central High School, the sexy star quarterback who s capable of making grown woman swoon RESENTMENT Starts off in the year 2004 I m only a few pages in but is it too early to say that I love Mia already, Dean s already a douchebag but I can work with all started with him stealing her notebook. Which leads to Mia agreeing to become his tutor. During school hours, we still exist in two completely different worlds, but when we re together and alone, we get along better than I could ve ever imagined and I haven t had the desire to thrash him once Our love was once intoxicating, consuming, and perfect, because it wasuntil it wasn t You know that saying this was easy to get into yeah that over used clique well I shit you not, this book is REALLY easy to get into As soon as you start reading you ll just want to turn off life for a bit because you will not want to put this goody down, already I have the feels, and I crave books like this one. Why are you still paying me to tutor you Now that we re supposedly dating We are dating He looks over at me But regarding the tutoring payments, would you like me to stop You can I shrug I don t feel like I have to be paid to put up with you now Prom night things turn pretty crappy for Mia, for no reason Dean breaks things off and things NEVER get resolved, neither speak to the other..It s not until further in the book where things become clear. Regret Resentment Redemption RESENTMENT n The act of hating no, fucking loathing Dean Collins.FAST FORWARD 10 YEARSMia reconnects with her older brother and moves in to his condo until she gets on her feet, this is where things start to get really interesting, her brothers best friend and room mate are none other Dean Collins, yep douche bag Dean Eeekkkkk And OMG if u loved Dean in his younger years you are going to freaking love this much older improved version of Dean. Regret Resentment Redemption REDEMPTION n The act of dean Collins finally coming clean about the past and finally atoning for the mean ass shit he put you through in high school So collage Dean was a douche but all grown up Dean pulls on my heart strings he will make you question everything that went wrong between these two..What I loved even about this book is as your nearing the end of the book, we get Dean s POV and why they broke up prom night, why he acted the way he did..

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    4 Stars Mia hates Dean Dean is the most popular guy at school and the star of the football team Completely opposite of Mia Mia has one friend and is not popular She doesn t go to games or parties She gives Dean zero chances to talk to her in high school until senior year one day he shows up with her notebook she misplaced Dean needs help in his English class and Mia agrees to tutor him They form a friendship that later turns into I loved Dean right away He was sexy, sweet and he s had his eyes on the untouchable Mia since sopho year of high school I loved Mia too She was feisty and didn t waste time letting Dean know that she didn t like him and he was never going to get in her pants lolDean and Mia both were being forced to live a life that they didn t want Both of them also had divorced parents and their parents sucked Something happens between these two after they ve been dating for a while and they break up Both of them hating each other Both of them heart broken Ten years later when Mia decides to quit her job and move to another state to start over is where she runs into her past Her past that she can not get away from A past she sees everyday A past she still hates and wants nothing to do with Until one night they share a heated kiss that turns into kisses and then Now why not a five star Well later on when Mia and Dean finally decide to talk about the past and what happened I found that it was really dumb I was expecting something I also wanted a damn epilogue I hate it when I don t get at the end Haha Anyway I loved this book despite the oh shit factor that didn t happen when the reason for their breakup came out I believe it was my first read by this author I will probably be looking for books by her

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    3,5 stars

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    3 Stars This is author Nicole London s first book and I d like to preface this review by saying that it was a great first effort at writing a New Adult romance that will hold your interest and have you eager to find out why there is so much resentment between the two main characters.The book is told in three parts, Regret, Resentment and Redemption.RegretDean Collins is the popular football player who has been trying to get the attention of studyworm Mia for a long time now, and manipulates things to his favour by getting Mia to agree to tutor him in order to increase his grades.Mia Gray is not a pushover and tries really hard not to fall for his charms, but he infiltrates himself into her heart and there isn t a whole lot she can do to stop her growing feelings for him.After a whirlwind high school romance, Dean pulls a complete douchebag move and we are left wondering what Mia did to deserve such a hard time after he humiliates her beyond belief.ResentmentTen years later and Mia is taking the bull by the horns, she is leaving her dead end job and dumping her useless boyfriend and moving in with her brother in another city When she discovers who her brothers room mate is, she is left reeling, especially since Dean is being very hostile to her, even after all this time Mia simply cannot understand why Dean hates her so much, but the sexual chemistry is still there and they both find it hard to resist.RedemptionAfter a lot of back and forth, Dean finally opens up and we discover all the secrets and lies that Dean has been hiding.Overall this was a good solid read, but I am still left wondering why Dean behaved the way he did He was awful to Mia and it felt almost as if he didn t really mature much in the ten years they were apart.This book was told in Mia s point of view so it was easy for me to connect to her character quite nicely usually when reading a book in only one POV I find it easy to connect to the other person just by gauging their actions and behavior, but sadly I didn t really feel or get where Dean was coming from.Still, I did like it, and wish the author all the best for future books, I will definitely be checking them out ARC gratefully received from the author in exchange for an honest review

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    I received an ARC via Give Me Books in exchange for an honest review Thank you Writing wise, this book was delightfully well written and enjoyable.Story wise, I liked it in essence.Character wise, I loved Mia and could sympathize with her hurt and confusion, and why she hated Dean immensely just by reading the plot synopsis I WOULD HAVE TOO after witnessing the crap he pulled And Dean, ugh Don t even get me started.While in gist, the teenage years can be the most exhilarating and the most volatile at times, Dean s sudden 180 was just ridiculous Even after learning his reasons, I just couldn t with him His douchebag behavior in HS post break up and 10 years later was baffling.I thought Dean started up to be a wonderful, charming young man, and him putting the blame on Mia and being horrible to her was unforgivable Yeah, he had home issues that made you feel vulnerable and ashamed But to lash out and scorn Mia made me want to punch him in the face.He claimed she was selfish and kept deriding her for reasons unbeknownst to her, and then near the ending, it was like he had an epiphany and realized that Mia had things just has bad and how she was just like him, trying to get out of her sh tty situation and make something for herself And that she had indeed, always been there for him He just needed to pull his head of of his a to see it.I don t know I m very conflicted regarding my thoughts and feelings They re riding all over the place Deep down, I loved Dean, but I was also profusely angered with him as well I mean, wtf with, parading around and making out with other women and keeping them around when he knew Mia was going to be around Ugh He did it on purpose, and in the end, who did it hurt Mia Or him It s like that saying, you always hurt the ones you love, and for Dean, this person turned out to be Mia I definitely would pick up another read from this author, but, if I have to read another story with a main protagonist like Dean, I will pass on it.My heart truly bled for Mia and the jerk face she fell in love with Anyway, I hope my review sent as much mixed signals to you as it did for me.AND PLEASE, I m just one reviewer, so don t raise your pitchforks at me please, for voicing my own opinions.

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    4 s This was my first book by Nicole London and I chose it because I heard it was angsty it is And it has a bit of everything thrown itsecond chance romance, enemies to lovers and dating the older brother s best friend It s told in three parts, dealing with things in the past and the present and the various stages this couple goes through regret the past , resentment the present and redemption also the present The story begins when Mia and Dean are both seniors in high school and she finds out that he had stolen her notebook He finagles his way into her tutoring him solely for the chance to be around her He s wanted her since he was a sopho and is determined to make things happen Mia s never really liked Dean He s the popular football jock and she s the nerdy art girl but her opinion starts to change the she gets to know him And even though she doesn t understand why he wants her, they soon start dating I really enjoyed this time of their romance when they both start really opening up to each other and finding out how much they have in common They are both there for each other and very supportive Then something happens and Dean turns into this monster I kid you not I was shocked at how badly he treated Miaand so was she This set things in motion and they don t see each other for TEN years The first part we only get Mia s POV so it was easy to side with her buteven when we do get Dean s POV, I just couldn t justify his reasonings for what he did And because even ten years later, he is still a HUGE JERK Mia moves to her brother s Eric hometown to seriously try to get her art career going She moves in with Eric until she can save up enough for her own place Unfortunately, Eric has another roommate and you guessed it, it s Dean Maybe that was a little too convenient Like I said, Dean is not nice He has girls over all the time, he eats all of Mia s food and even scares away her dates All the while, it s fairly obvious he hasn t gotten over her At All And of course, she is not over him Things get pretty steamynothing like angry sex and that s all there is for a while But Mia knows they need to address what happened all those years ago before they can move forward This leads to some crazy drama and lots of angsty moments I enjoyed how things ended up And while I enjoyed getting Dean s POV, several chapters were just a rehash of what we had already read boo However, I couldn t stop reading this book and finished in one day Gotta love all that juicy angst

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