Queen of ruin PDF í Queen of MOBI :Á

Queen of ruin PDF í Queen of  MOBI :Á
  • Hardcover
  • 336 pages
  • Queen of ruin
  • Tracy Banghart
  • English
  • 23 January 2019
  • 9780316471459

Queen of ruin❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Queen of ruin Author Tracy Banghart – Essayreview.co.uk A fierce sequel full of sisterhood, heart pounding action, betrayal, and intrigue in the royal court in a series that breathes new life into the feminist story of oppression and resistance Publisher s A fierce sequel full of sisterhood, heart pounding action, betrayal, and intrigue in the royal court in a series that breathes new life into the feminist story of oppression and resistance Publisher s WeeklyBanished by Asa at the end of Grace and Fury, Nomi and Malachi find themselves powerless and headed towards their all but certain deaths Now that Asa sits on the throne, he will stop at nothing to make sure Malachi never sets foot in the palace again Their only hope is to Queen of MOBI :Á find Nomi s sister, Serina, on the prison island of Mount Ruin But when Nomi and Malachi arrive, it is not the island of conquered, broken women that they expected It is an island in the grip of revolution, and Serina polite, submissive Serina is its leaderBetrayal, grief, and violence have changed both sisters, and the women of Mount Ruin have their sights set on revenge beyond the confines of their island prison They plan to sweep across the entire kingdom, issuing in a new age of freedom for all But first they ll have to get rid of Asa, and only Nomi knows howSeparated once again, this time by choice, Nomi and Serina must forge their own paths as they aim to tear down the world they know, and build something better in its placeThe stakes are higher and the battles bolder in Tracy Banghart s unputdownable sequel to Grace and Fury.

About the Author: Tracy Banghart

Tracy Banghart grew up in rural Maryland and spent her summers on a remote island in northern Ontario All of that isolation and lovely scenery gave her the time to read voraciously and the inspiration to write her own stories Always a bit of a nomad, Tracy now travels the world Army wife style with her husband, son, cat, and sweet pupper Scrabble.

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    3.5 StarsI d gone into this with high hopes, maybe slightly too high I absolutely ADROED Grace and Fury and was so excited to read this, but I wasn t as drawn to it as what I had been I loved the complete girl power throughout this book and really seeing Nomi and Serina come into their own but for me it didn t pick up or things seemed to happen at the 56% mark.After that it was action packed and the whole sense of the uprising and certain characters doing certain things, your girl isn t here for spoilersI really wish we d of got an epilogue a few months down the line because I was left feeling a little bit dis satisfied which is a shame, other than that I did quite enjoy my read 17.06.2019YA GURL GOT AN ARC woooo woooo Time to re read Grace and Fury first to refresh my memory and just read a re cap Think I m going for the re cap because I m far too excited right now When you re not even half way through and already know that you re needing the next one ASAP 12.09.18GURLLLLL we have a cover

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    3.5 stars I loved Grace and Fury, but this one fell a bit flat Pacing was off, the book felt too fast and too slow all the at same time The ending seemed particularly rushed I liked Nomi s story the most and it s what kept me reading, but I cannot help but wonder what happened with this book It just wasn t up to the standard of the first one.Follow me on Facebook Blog Instagram Twitter

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    I don t want to wait another year for this one Grace Fury was so good and I need to know what happens next So excited for this one.

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    GIVE ME THE SECOND BOOK NOW The wait will be torture ughhjabzhavxvsbbsbsvsvzvzvzvsvsv

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    See that pile of disappointment over there Yep That s me.Grace and Fury was a fabulous story about two sisters finding strength and learning to accept their new roles This wasnot that Okay it was when it comes to Serina because she is even kickass than before, but Nomiughhhh Here s the thing, even though she annoyed me in the 1st book, she tried her best I guess, I could understand her In this book she did NOTHING She spent than half of the book just traveling with Malachi first in a boat toward the prison, then back to the city and sharing her feelings or whatever Meanwhile, Serina organized a revolution, lead an army, killed a bunch of enemies, took over a boat etc Not only that, but the whole I m the only one who can do this syndrome that appeared in the last part of the book was just ughh As you can see, I m not a huge fan of Nomi When it comes to the romance, it was cute I liked how the girls were the ones who did most of the heroic acts and the guys actually cheered them on They didn t have the need to be the one who protected the other they were all equals The plot was super slow in the first half but I m not regretting going through it all I m glad I found out what happened even though the end made me slightly angry I ve explained it all in the first paragraph Serina did basically everything that was important, and Nomi well.she went sightseeing And YET she still got everything despite the fact she didn t deserve it And this is what happened in the end view spoiler Nomi became the freaking queen I know, she originally wanted Serina to rule, but she refused saying Nomi was the one who knew how to read and always wanted to start a revolution Bullshit Who cares if you don t know how to read You already lead a revolution on that prison island AND figured out how to escape using that boat without it you can just learn along the way The only advantage Nomi actually had is that the proper king Malachi likes her so if she became his queen it would be easier for people to accept instead of just getting Serina as the only ruler Again, bullshit Who cares about what those people think It s time to change things anyway so why not start with a bang Besides, when you re queen you can just make a law or rule that says it s all fine or whatever It just frustrated me how Nomi got everything even though she didn t deserve it Serina did say she didn t want the throne and just wanted to lead her army of woman but stillI would ve been happy if they chose a 3rd person, as long as Nomi wasn t queen hide spoiler

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    You can find the full review and all the fancy and or randomness that accompanies it at It Starts at Midnight.Okay, this is how you finish a duology I am two for two with sequels this week alone and wow Just wow This was everything I had hoped for, and then some I really enjoyed Grace and Fury , and was obviously thrilled to read the sequel But you know, sometimes sequels are scary But this is how you wrap up a series Here s the thing This isn t the most unique premise out there It can even be a little tropey at times But honestly When it s done right, there s a reason we enjoy certain tropes And this book reminded me precisely of that So now it is time to gush about the stuff I extra loved The characters are incredible Truly, they make the whole book Not just the main characters, though they re a big part of it which I will expand on But no, the author somehow made me care about every random side character she introduced Everyone served a purpose in the story everyone s life mattered So if someone, anyone, died, it felt like a real gut punch, not like some rando bit it Speaking of the main characters, their sisterly relationship was unparalleled Usually when I read about a sister relationship, it s kind of a Katniss Prim dynamic One is the heroine, and she generally needs to save the other in some way Not so here Nomi and Serina are both fierce and strong and capable Sometimes it s in different ways, but neither sits around waiting to be rescued They both have assumed charge of their destinies And absolutely they want to protect each other, but not in a way that implies one of them is helpless They want to protect each other because they love one another, simple as that And while we re talking about love and protection, every single one of the romantic partnerships in this book saw each other as equals Didn t matter who the coupling was, they were complete partners in every sense Even the side characters relationships were viewed in this very equal and refreshing light No one, man or woman, was a damsel waiting to be saved by their lover The level of respect that the couples treated each other with was fabulous, and every single book should strive to portray relationships in this manner Holy high stakes I genuinely did not feel like anyone was safe during the whole book It was a brutal and vicious world, and these women and a few men would stop at literally nothing until they were both safe and saw a change So as you can imagine, there is room for a lot of bad junk to go down It had many feels and much excitement I was so invested that I started the last 40% when I got a bubble bath thanks, Kindle Paperwhite and literally could not stop My hot water had long run out, I was straight up shivering and fine maybe crying a little, shh and I still couldn t even pause to go get warm It was so compelling that I just needed to know how it ended And it was perfectly satisfying and worth every minute Bottom Line It was the perfect high octane finale to a really great series I cannot wait to read whatever the author writes next, for I have no doubt it ll be phenomenal

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    Endlich habe ich auch den zweiten und finalen Teil der Reihe beendet Ich liebe es, dass sich diese Reihe mit zwei starken Frauen besch ftigt, die f r ihre Tr ume und ihre Zukunft k mpfen Der zweite Teil war sehr spannend und actionreich, aber auch brutal An manchen Stellen war es mir etwas zu einfach gemacht, das meiste war aber gut durchdacht und zeugte von starken Charakteren und einer starken Geschichte Das Ende gef llt mir richtig gut und ich kann die Reihe so wunderbar abschlie en und weiter empfehlen.

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    Ughnot only are we stuck with cover models again, but they are not even the same ones WHY

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