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My Name Is Venus Black  Kindle õ Name Is Venus  PDF
    IGNOU books 2019 In Hindi Online PDF Free penjara dan membekali diri dengan identitas palsu untuk memulai hidupnya My Name MOBI :Á dari awal Akan tetapi, orang orang baru kini memasuki orbitnya termasuk seorang lelaki yang menyukainya serta anak perempuan yang mencerminkan dirinya yang dulu."/>
  • Paperback
  • 520 pages
  • My Name Is Venus Black
  • Heather Lloyd
  • Indonesian
  • 16 April 2019

My Name Is Venus Black [KINDLE] ✾ My Name Is Venus Black By Heather Lloyd – Venus Black, remaja pembangkang yang tergila gila dengan astronomi Namun semestanya runtuh ketika dia dituduh melakukan kejahatan yang menggemparkan seluruh kota Everett dan media lokal Situasi bertam Is Venus PDF/EPUB Ä Venus Black, remaja pembangkang yang tergila gila dengan astronomi Namun semestanya runtuh ketika dia dituduh melakukan kejahatan yang menggemparkan seluruh kota Everett dan media lokal Situasi bertambah buruk saat Leo, adik laki lakinya yang memiliki keterbelakangan mental, menghilang Lima tahun berlalu, Venus bebas dari penjara dan membekali diri dengan identitas palsu untuk memulai hidupnya My Name MOBI :Á dari awal Akan tetapi, orang orang baru kini memasuki orbitnya termasuk seorang lelaki yang menyukainya serta anak perempuan yang mencerminkan dirinya yang dulu.

About the Author: Heather Lloyd

Is Venus PDF/EPUB Ä A bit about me I ve worked as an editor for than twenty years and have authored, or collaborated on, a bunch of non fiction books under my married name Venus is my first novel and I m working on a second Fiction is my new love and I may never write a true My Name MOBI :Á book again My husband and I have four adult children who live in Oregon, and one who is gone but still near in spirit we miss you,.

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    My reviews can also be seen at Stars I was pretty excited to read this novel I actually started to get nervous at how excited I was I thought that if I built it up too much in my head that I might be let down But I wasn t.In my opinion, this was a phenomenal read Venus Black is a high school student Her teachers often told her mother how wonderful it was to have Venus in their class Her mother wished that Venus was such a pleasure at home too Venus wonders why her mother never questioned that there may have been a reason why she was the way she was at home Venus believes that one small choice, action, or event can change the course of your entire life She wonders what small thing may have changed the course of her own life if I could change one key detail, I would never have seen what I saw or done what I did that terrible February night Because you see, Venus has committed a horrific crime that has landed her in jail and torn her family apart Venus doesn t deny that she did do something awful but she refuses to say why she did it But one thing Venus will say is that it s her mother s fault.None of what s happening now feels real Just a few days ago, Venus was hanging out by her locker at school, gossiping with her friends Now she s been labeled a violent offender, locked up with girls who will beat her up if she looks at them sideways On top of everything else, she finds out that her developmentally challenged younger brother, Leo has gone missing She knows he must be scared and she s horrified that she can t go out to help look for him Venus adores Leo Although he s seven, he acts around three or four Sometimes he makes noises and rarely likes to be touched He often ignores people completely But Leo s always just Leo to me But now he s gone And now all Venus hears over and over in her head It s because of what you did Five years later, Venus is released from the Juvenile Detention Centre She wants to be somewhere else.somewhere no one knows who she is or what she s done So with a suitcase of old clothing and a new name, Venus is off in search of a new life But in order to get a new life, she may have to let go of the one thing that helped her through these horrible years.HER ANGERBut if she lets go of that anger then she may have to face the past, the feelings, and the guilt Venus is afraid she ll fall apart or that she ll be betrayed again But with the help of some unexpected new friends, Venus may actually be able to finally stop running from her past and hiding who she really is.But it will still take a HUGE leap of faith for her to come Venus Black.WOW What an excellent read I REALLY enjoyed this DEBUT novel.The novel takes place in the eighties which I thought worked really well I LOVED knowing what was going on inside the character s minds especially Leo s and Tessa s There wasn t an overload of violence, which I appreciated Some situations may still be triggering to some readers though It s definitely an emotional read, but I feel like the author handled sensitive situations extremely well.A story about betrayal, love, family, and forgiveness.Well written and easy to follow, I thought the story flowed well, and I was happy with how it all came together in the end I think that different readers will take different things from this novel But in my opinion, this is a wonderful young adult novel that many readers of all ages will enjoy My Name is Venus Black was an honest and engaging read with a great plot and relatable characters I m very happy to have had the opportunity to read this novel, and I m really excited to see what Heather Lloyd writes next I d like to thank Random House Dial Press and Heather Lloyd for giving me the opportunity to read this novel in exchange for my honest review.

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    4.5 starsHeartfelt, moving read about friendship, family, love, and forgiveness My Name is Venus Black is about a broken family struggling to put the pieces back together after 13 year old Venus kills her stepfather This isn t about the how and the why Venus killed her stepfather, it s about how actions and reactions don t always have the desired outcome and how the right choices are not always the easy ones The book opens in 1980 with 13 year old Venus Black being taken to juvenile detention for murdering her stepfather The reader isn t sure why or how she killed him, but there are a lot of inferences to be made I immediately took to Venus character, as her fear and pain emanated from the pages.Not knowing anything about this book, I found it jarring when the POV switched to Leo, Venus s mentally handicapped younger brother However, Leo quickly became my favorite character in this book and I eagerly awaited to see how his story was going to play out.POV s and time continue to shift throughout the book this type of narrative style works to offer the full picture of events from all perspectives even from the those characters that I didn t care for Sometimes this type of writing style can be frustrating, but it fully works in My Name is Venus Black I absolutely loved this book It s well written and the characterization is so strong that I got thoroughly attached to all of the characters to the point as if I felt I personally knew them This is a compelling read that left me wanting There s a strong message about forgiveness and hope, and l shed happy tears when I reached the last page.I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group in exchange for an honest review.

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    4.5 stars Stories from the perspective of children always get to me because the children are almost always so honest and many times so much astute than the adults I certainly felt this way as I read this book It s hard to read at times because some sad and awful things happen If not for these child characters, this probably would not have appealed to me when my friend Esil recommended this book There are crimes committed murder and then a kidnapping, some suspense usually not my kind of book But my friend knows a lot about the types of books I like and knew that I would be drawn in She was right 13 year old Venus Black, her 7 year old brother Leo who is than likely autistic, the sweet and smart Tessa, my favorite character with so much heart, a 10 year old girl who becomes so important to Leo and Piper who forms a bond with Venus later in the book these are the children I came to care about It s difficult to write about this without spoilers so I ll be brief in my thoughts 1980 , a deadly crime is committed and Venus spends 6 years in a juvenile lock up Her narrative runs along side her brother Leo s story and his heartbreaking ordeal While in many ways, this is Venus story, Heather Lloyd has done a great job of weaving together the situations of a few characters whose lives come together by circumstance.There is a dysfunctional family, there is a loving father and daughter, there are mistakes that people make that have consequences, some that deserve redemption and forgiveness and an ending that even though predictably neat made for a satisfying read Thanks , Esil I received an advanced copy of this book from Dial Press Random House through NetGalley.

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    My Name is Venus Black is a 2018 Dial Press publication It s Venus s story, but Leo is the star of the show It s 1980 and thirteen year old Venus Black commits a serious crime, which lands her in Juvie for an extended stay If this isn t bad enough, while she s detained, her younger brother, Leo, who has developmental challenges, disappears, believed to have been kidnapped In the meantime, Venus struggles with the resentment she feels towards her mother and works to come to terms with the events that brought her to this junction in her life But once Venus has served her time, she is determined to put the past behind her and start with a clean slate To that end, she assumes a false identity, gets a job, makes friends, and even goes out on a date, while also babysitting her landlord s niece While Venus is adjusting to her new life, the reader also follows Leo s trail, which takes a surprising turn when his kidnapper abandons him But, Leo finds a loving home with his neighbors, who take very good care of him As these events unfold, the reader is left in a constant state of suspense, wondering what crime Venus committed and why I don t read many YA novels for too many reasons to get into here But, one of them is my lack of understanding when it comes to judging the writing, if it is age appropriate, if it is really an adult novel with a YA protagonist or if it is a YA novel geared towards middle grade or teens that adults can enjoy as well, or a combination of both After some careful consideration, I ve decided that, based on the simplistic prose, this book was written with older teens in mind, but it also has very mature themes, which might appeal to adult readers, as well How did I happen across a YA novel when it is clearly a genre I avoid That is another conundrum Somehow, someway, I misunderstood the premise of the book, believing it to be a mystery novel, and signed up to review it, without realizing it was firmly situated in the YA category There is a thinly veiled mystery, which surrounds the specifics of the crime Venus committed, but it wasn t exactly rocket science, and I figured out what her crime was right from the start, and had a fairly good idea why, but of course I was in the dark concerning all the minute details So, in my opinion, this is a YA novel centered around a teenager who committed a serious crime and the domino effect it had on her family and their struggle to hold everything together, both as individuals and as a unit Without getting preachy, I m going to try to explain the issues I had with the book While the author s decision to place the time frame in the eighties was a very smart move, in my opinion, I think it s important to realize that readers are living in the here and now, and younger audiences may not have the emotional maturity to make certain distinctions like an adult can There are so many crimes committed in the book, and not just the big one Venus is paying for At times I felt the tone suggested that the end justified the means, and there was no accountability or any serious consequences for those actions There is a kidnapping, assuming a false identity, and harboring a child not your own without going through the proper channels or looking for blood relatives, which is illegal Not to mention the irresponsible adults, the guns in a house with a developmentally challenged child, and the ever so slight suggestion that extenuating circumstances meant Venus was somewhat justified in committing a vigilante style murder Although the author seemed to make a conscious effort to avoid any glorification of Venus s crime, it was still disproportionate to the offense, in my opinion, and wasn t given the brevity it deserved The hip therapist also failed to explain to Venus that she had other options, or list a few of those alternatives, so that younger readers who may find themselves in a similar situation would know who to contact or how to seek help I don t know if any of that would have tripped me up if this were an adult novel, but since I think the book will be read by younger audiences I worried about the message some of these elements were sending Again, if this is a book geared towards adults, they will most likely find themselves concerned about the fate of Leo, and how Venus is doing once she is released, which is, no doubt the direction the author was steering the reader, and where she wanted you to focus your attention Of course, I don t always follow directions so well I did understand the message the author was trying to convey with Venus or at least I think I did Venus wanted to forget her painful past, start fresh, and erase all traces of the girl who committed a serious crime But, before she can really reach her full potential, she must face her past, own it, and then make peace with it That s a good example for any of us to follow, no matter how benign our lives may be in comparison to Venus s I believed wholeheartedly that Venus deserved her second chance and found myself cheering for her success I am no expert on autism, having no close relatives or friends who live with the disorder, so I can t speak to the authenticity of Leo s inner monologues or his behavior, but it seemed very realistic to me, and I thought his character was the pulse that made the heart beat in this book Leo s story makes reading this book worthwhile The last quarter of the book, though, was a mess The way the author went about bringing Venus and Leo back together was highly implausible with entirely too many conveniences and coincidences and was way too rushed The ending was too pat, and sweet, and didn t match the tone of the book up that point, but by the time I got to the conclusion, I readily accepted it I ve been wringing my hands over this review, jumping back and forth between mentioning the problems I had or leaving that out, afraid of sounding too self righteous or showing my ignorance about YA novels, or embarrassing myself by taking it all just a little too seriously At the end of the day, I was once again reminded of why I avoid this genre I feel out of my element to the point where I overthink everything and it sucks the enjoyment out of it for me I struggled with the rating on this one There were some deep valleys, but there were some mountain peaks too, so I m going to lay the blame on myself for not getting into this book as much as my contemporaries and for not being able to attach the same value to the book as they have It s not you, it s me Therefore, I m giving the book the benefit of the doubt despite some misgivings 3 stars

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    All The stars and planets for Venus Black This book definitely put a BIG smile on my face. this is an absolute character driven book with some extremely likable characters and some a little tougher to like. Venus is sent to juvenile detention when she is 13 for killing her stepfather shortly after Venus is incarcerated her little brother Leo is taken Venus spends her five years in juvenile detention bitter and angry with her mother and worried about and missing her little brother.More than Venus this book really is about Leo a little boy with autism who seems to bring out the best and worst in people I believe the author did a very good job with the character of Leo he tugged at my heart strings just as much as he did Venus, Tessa, and many others.This book really is about family and what makes a family Venus started this book thinking the only family she had was little brother Leo and ended this book having so much . The book was also about forgiveness and understanding and growth. Venus really had a lot of character growth in this book and a lot of that was done through both forgiving and understandingn A lot of Venus s growth was thanks to a young girl who was probably my favorite character in the book by the name of Piper the relationship between them was truly sweet..If you are looking for a fast paced thrill of a book, this is not the book for you however if you are wanting a book filled with magnificent characters and special moments I d absolutely suggest picking this up..PS for those of you who have already read this, the ending was just the right color i d like to thank Random House and Net Galley for a copy of this book

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    3.75 starsI ve backed off from young adult books latelybecause they all seem to fall into a couple of categories or Because magic penis fixes everythang So when I pick up a book and the main theme is not like that I get a bit excited This book starts when Venus is thirteen years old She has killed her stepfather and is facing the consequences Then to top off the bad life she is having her mentally challenged brother Leo goes missing Later on Venus has finished serving her time and has to start life over Now all this was pretty good It was towards the end of the book that I started to start wiping the bad taste off my tongue..thus the not five stars that I so wanted for this one I m going to spoiler tag my hateful feelings part of the book because I think it may just be me and it s one that you need to let just untangle as you read it view spoiler I thought for a bit there towards that end that the book was going to go religious and then it backed off came from out of the blue like the lightning bolt that will strike my butt one day Randomly adding stuff just doesn t cut it when I m reading along and not expecting it.Then the farts and unicorn happy ending Not a fan Make your dark story hold up Make my black shriveled old heart beat new Other people will love this book so I m not feeling too badly hide spoiler

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    4 emotionally engaging stars to My Name is Venus Black I was enthralled with Venus story from the start She seemed to be the perfect teen smart, worked hard in school, but she committed a crime, and it must have been a big one Why did she wake up in a detention center, and why was her mother visibly shaken Heather Lloyd s characterization of Venus, her mother, and her brother with developmental delays, Leo, was impeccable How would Venus come to terms with what she had done How does a child spend her formative years in a detention center and reunite with regular life Overall, My Name is Venus Black sometimes felt like Young Adult fiction because of the way it s written however, the characters, emotions, and subject matter made it worthwhile, engaging, and completely fulfilling Thank you to Heather Lloyd, Dial Press, and Netgalley for the complimentary copy My Name is Venus Black is now available

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    This one gets 5 stars for full emotional engagement.The book opens with Venus Black, then 13 years old, charged with a terrible crime What we know is that she is furious with her mother and worried sick about her 7 year old brother Leo who has an unnamed condition that is likely autism What we also know is that Venus crime tailspins into another terrible crime The book then jumps ahead a few years to when Venus is released from the youth detention centre as she tries to find her place in the world I can t say much about the story without giving away spoilers and this is one that is worth experiencing as it unfolds What I will say is that, except for the very end, there is nothing predictable about this story At first, I thought it would be focused on Venus and her crime, but it turns out to be as much about what happens to Leo My Name Is Venus Black is written in very straightforward language But the characters and their relationships are so well depicted And the emotions feel real and not simple How do you forgive yourself for the consequences of terrible decisions How do you forgive other people My Name Is Venus Black would probably work as young adult fiction, but it certainly worked for me I completely fell for Venus and Leo and a couple of the other characters Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for an opportunity to read an advance copy.

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    4.5 starsVenus is only 13 years old and kills her stepfather, but we do not know the reason why She blames her mom and is very angry at her It tears her family apart and it creates a national media firestorm She is sent to juvenile prison for 6 years Her brother, Leo is kidnapped a few days after her arrest and disappears without a trace Her brother Leo is autistic.At the age of 19, Venus is released from juvenile prison She is so worried about her brother She now has a fake identity and is determined to escape her painful past She makes a fresh start in Seattle Leo s face appears on milk cartons as a missing child and Venus helps her mother find him.This was hard to believe that this was a debut novel I loved this book and had problems putting it down I just wanted to know what was going to happen next The book was traumatic at the beginning, but it wasn t graphic at all, but there was lots of suspense This book was about family and forgiveness I thought it was beautifully written This is a YA novel and thought the subject matter was a little tough.The characters were perfectly well done I loved Venus, Leo and Piper This was a simple fast read and it ended just the way I wanted it too.I highly recommend.I want to thank, Netgalley, Random House, and Heather Lloyd for the copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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