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The story of three women, one of whom is Esther, the Persian Jewish woman chosen to be the wife of Xerxes in ancient stories The stories intermesh, but I found it unsatisfying for reasons I can t explain. This was a great look at the lives of three women The writing is beautiful and you get sucked into these three lives and you see how women s lives have changed from then to now HIghly recommend. ARC provided by the publisher This book left me with complicated, though not unwelcome, feelings about my place in the world as a second wife and as a woman and a mother Rightfully compared to The Red Tent by Anita Diamant, this story parallels the lives of Esther and Queen Vashti with a woman in modern day and a woman in the 60s Each woman is in the process of realizing her wants and needs and the power she has in the world Recommended for readers of historical fiction and biblical fiction who prefer a feminist lens. Loved loved loved this book It s a powerful mix of history and exploration of women s power and lives Three braided stories from Biblical times, the 1970s, and contemporary culture three women negotiating love, sex, children, friendship, and work The Book of V is beautifully written, cleverly constructed, and full of both humor and depth Highly recommend. Bold, elegant, blisteringly raw and delicately complex reimaginin of the biblical Queen Esther, interwoven with contemporary characters, about being a strong, passionate woman in a male dominated world I just finished THE BOOK OF V Henry Holt, May 2020 by Anna Solomon, and this bookoh this book I cannot rave about it enough I scrambled to order everything else she has ever written and am anxiously awaiting their arrival This book made me think, it made me talk, it made me write THE BOOK OF V is highly immersive I was immediately struck by the richness of the lives created in these characters There s Lily Rubenstein, a Brooklyn mom of two daughters in 2016 Brooklyn she s a second wife, an older mom, and struggling to find the balance between mothering and her career ambitions Vivian Kent Vee , a senator s wife in 1974, and the Bible s Queen Esther All of these lives are so viscerally told, so complex, bold, and ambitiously drawn, that I was in awe of both Solomon s breadth of knowledge, her concise, compassionate writing, her obvious research, and the elegant structure of these narratives, which parallel beautifully, through subtle metaphor and shared experiences THE BOOK OF V is one of those books I could easily have devoured in 24 hours, but I wanted to savor it, so I read slower, studying the structure, the set up, and these narrative arcs that shimmered in authentic detail You might wonder how these women s lives are going to connect and they do in surprising, emotional, and gratifying measures Each of the women s lives Lily, Vee, and Esther radiate and yet pull in, heightening their individual stories into a tighter, cohesive whole This is one of those books that will be lauded for years to come It will be discussed at book clubs and with mothers and daughters and grandmothers, too It will be spotlighted in feminist circles and publications It s just that good I found some similarities between THE BOOK OF V and THE RED TENT Anna Diamont , and Chloe Benjamin s THE IMMORTALISTS, but also the work of J Courtney Sullivan, especially in the structure in her book, THE ENGAGEMENTS meets NAAMAH Sarah Blake parts of THE BOOK OF V also reminded me of Jennifer Wiener s MRS EVERYTHING, especially the 1970s aspect and perhaps also the writing style of Caroline Leavitt For all my reviews, including author interviews, please see www.leslielindsay.com Always with a Book Special thanks to Henry Holt for this review copy All thoughts are my own. 4.5 overall really well done and written I loved each of the female characters and their stories and the author did a fantastic job of making them all cohesive. .FREE PDF ♶ The Book of V. ♪ Anna Solomon S Kaleidoscopic Novel Intertwines The Lives Of A Brooklyn Mother In , A Senator S Wife In S Washington, DC And The Bible S Queen Esther, Whose Stories Of Sex, Power And Desire Overlap And Ultimately Converge Showing How Women S Roles Have And Have Not Changed Over Thousands Of YearsLily Is A Mother And A Daughter And A Second Wife And A Writer, Maybe Or She Was Going To Be, Before She Had Children Now, In Her Rented Brooklyn Apartment, She S Grappling With Her Sexual And Intellectual Desires While Also Trying To Manage Her Roles As A Mother And A WifeVivian Barr Seems To Be The Perfect Political Wife, Dedicated To Helping Her Charismatic And Ambitious Husband Find Success In Watergate Era Washington DC But One Night He Demands A Humiliating Favor, And Her Refusal To Obey Changes The Course Of Her Life Along With The Lives Of OthersEsther Is A Fiercely Independent Young Woman In Ancient Persia, Where She And Her Uncle S Tribe Live A Tenuous Existence Outside The Palace Walls When An Innocent Mistake Results In Devastating Consequences For Her People, She Is Offered Up As A Sacrifice To Please The King, In The Hopes That She Will Save Them AllFollowing In The Tradition Of The Hours And The Red Tent, The Book Of V Is A Bold And Contemporary Investigation Into The Enduring Expectations And Restraints Placed On Women S Lives This didn t go where I expected it to go but I ultimately enjoyed where it took me Loved the concept, and the reimagining even deconstruction of the Esther story Some parts felt weaker and duller than others the modern POV, Lily, was the dullest by far, and Esther is of a plot device than a character, but Vee became increasingly compelling over the course of her narrative, and the role eventually played by Vashti herself is brilliant. Disclosure I ve been a fan of Anna Solomon s work since I discovered that her first novel was scheduled for release, and she and I have developed a friendship over the years enriched when we took a class together I m mentioned in the book s acknowledgments All of that aside, however, this is a beautiful, brilliant novel And a very Jewish one. The biblical story of Esther is reimagined here in bce Times, the seventies and current day Each era depicts women on the cusp of finding certain freedoms and how they react to the male dominance or habitation in their circles A senator s wife, a queen, a second wife all present a new look at an old story with success.Copy provided by the Publisher and NetGalley