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!Download Ebook ⚞ 20th Victim ì Three Victims, Three Bullets, Three Cities The Shooters Aim Is As Fearsomely Precise As Their Target Selection When Lindsay Realizes That The Fallen Men And Women Excel In A Lucrative, Criminal Activity, She Leads The Charge In The Manhunt For The Killers As The Casualty List Expands, Fear And Fascination With This Suspicious Shooting Gallery Galvanizes The CountryThe Victims Were No Angels, But Are The Shooters Villains Or Heroes Another great in this series I could not wait to get my hands on this one and finished it in 2 days even though it was 400 pages Can t wait for Highly, highly recommended but read them in order. James Patterson and Maxine Paetro are back with another instalment of the Women s Murder Club, keeping fans entertained throughout with their insightful plots and character development San Francisco is buzzing with an odd series of sniper murders, which forces Sergeant Lindsay Boxer to take notice What s worse is that these sniper killings seem to be happening all over the country, timed to occur simultaneously While Boxer and the SFPD work to track down a killer or at least a motive, Chronicle reporter Cindy Thomas is contacted anonymously by someone with information about the crimes and predicts some of the future attacks While she runs down her own story, Boxer seeks to better understand the victims, soon learning that they are all small time and somewhat secretive drug dealers in their own right Boxer s husband, Joe, has his own plate overfilling when a best friend has some information about a local doctor that could have large implications While all this is taking place, one of the cornerstone members of the Club receives horrible news that could derail her and cause the four central members to fall apart With a killer communicating through an interesting fashion and calling soldiers to arms, Boxer and her team will have to work quickly to shut it down before the blood keeps flowing A well crafted piece that will have readers eager to race through to the end, where truth is apparent Recommended to series fans, as well as those who need a lighter crime thriller I have often struggled with Patterson s work, as many will know I find that too often he sees to churn things out too quickly, leaving his collaborators to suffer my wrath as well After a less than stellar 19th novel many felt the same , these two have been able to redeem themselves and put on a wonderful instalment of the Women s Murder Club The stories were well developed and kept the reader s attention, which makes the book flow all the better Countless sub plots keep the reader entertained, even when there was little movement on the main murder theme Patterson and Paetro use some of the backstories of these core characters to their advantage, allowing for a little growth or at least some advancement in ongoing plots, without bogging things down too much I would love to see something truly earth shattering that would force the group to rethink their place and how the Club works, though I am not sure if the authors are ready to pull out such a major event quiet yet With short chapters and a story that has no time to catch its breath, this book serves as a treat for those who are dedicated to the series, as well as potentially making new fans want to go back and piece this complex web together for themselves I cannot wait to see what else is on the horizon for this series, and yet would love to see Patterson meld his three great series Boxer Cross Bennett into a well timed crossover That may be too Herculean an effort, but I am hoping.Kudos, Mr Patterson and Madam Paetro, for a great piece that adds to this series that has been part of my reading experience for many years Love hate the review An ever growing collection of others appears at Book for All Seasons, a different sort of Book Challenge 20th Victim is the twentieth instalment in the Women s Murder Club series and is a fast paced, pulse pounding treat of a thriller from beginning to denouement Each of these riveting instalments can be read as a standalone without any issues whatsoever but this is a series you will end up addicted to like many readers There is a madman on the loose and police officer Lindsay Boxer is the one who has to investigate The shooters aim is as fearsomely precise as their target selection so it is clear he knows what he s doing and may be ex military The killer decides to contact local reporter Cindy who then becomes completely embroiled in the whole situation The women face the most intense, high octane confrontation of their lives and their toughest challenge to date Can they identify and catch this serial killer before he strikes again and another innocent life is lost.There s a reason why James Patterson s books are so popular and successful they are accessible to all and offer high drama, fast pacy plots, engaging characters, twists and turns, and are fiendishly good fun The plot is easy to follow and the ideal entertainment for crime connoisseurs You simply know what you re getting before you even touch it This one is no exception and despite it being the twentieth book the series shows no signs of flagging or losing steam The short, snappy chapters are his trademark and work superbly to allow for that just one mentality to take root One thing you can count on going into a JP books is that you re guaranteed a taut, well told, riveting, twisty tale and a rollicking good read.I don t know how he does it but he constantly blindsides you with new twists, turns and red herrings and something notable happens in every single chapter making it a cracking read that easily takes over your mind and has you feverishly flipping the pages His books don t exactly score highly on the scale of believability but if you can just let it go then you are treated to a raucously good read It s compulsive and I must admit reading right through the night as all of the hints had me desperate to find out what actually happened His casual writing style and short, snappy chapters are second to none and he knows how to get you hook, line and sinker within a few pages Highly recommended Many thanks to Century for an ARC. Patterson rarely disappoints me I do love the Murder Club and hope this series never ends Another twisty ride for all the ladies and I loved it