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Quality and usability

Their staff are very diligent and able. You will find their services a

little pedestrian but will find that their quality is suitable for most of

your college projects and assignments. The website is very easy to operate,

which has helped to improve the overall usability of the website very much.

Overall, they seem to have made the process very easy.


They have a “Live Help” function that allows you to ask questions and

receive answers, although some of them look automated. They have a support

phone number that you can call, or you can use their online support system

that allows you to send them a message via their website. They are often

very quick to respond to you.


Plagiarism and rewriting is not a problem as their work is delivered as

original, as they have writers to write custom papers for you. It will be

delivered on time as per the student request, as they have never missed a

deadline. Every project is delivered with the correct formatting as per the

request of the student making the purchase.


They have set out their price plan so that it is easy to understand and

navigate, and also allows students to see what they are getting for their

money. They have a cute little instant-quote tool. You enter your type of

essay, word counts, etc and the price quote comes up automatically. This

means you may toggle with a few of the options to see how they affect your

price quote.


This company offers a very good range of dissertation services and their

website is well designed and easy to operate. The staff are pretty friendly

and most of their work is high scoring. Their support system is also okay

in many respects, although their online IM support could be improved.

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